On-demand Webinar: Protect Your Data in a Hybrid Cloud World

Hosted by Valon Rexhepi
Guests: Subbiah Sundaram - VP of Product, HYCU
How can you protect your organisation's data against data loss and disaster? Learn how you can use a data recovery solution like HYCU that is integrated with Google Cloud Platform.

Protect Your Data in a Hybrid Cloud World

Is your organisation’s data well-protected in the Cloud?

In this joint webinar with data recovery expert HYCU and Google Cloud, you will get actionable advice on how you can protect your data in the Cloud and enable full data recovery in case of data loss or disaster.

To protect locally or in the Cloud, that is the question. And, with costs on the rise, infrastructure constantly growing and management becoming a chore, it’s important to make the right choice.

With HYCU, GCP, and Fourcast you have the foundation to solve these modern data problems. In this session, we’ll look at how HYCU can protect your on-prem workloads, migrate data to Google Cloud Platform with the help of Fourcast, and protect your Cloud-native workloads in GCP.

With HYCU and GCP, backup and recovery is a snap and helps answer that important question.

This webinar was originally broadcasted on September 26th 2019.

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  • IT manager
  • Security officer
  • IT Architect
  • CIO, CTO or CEO