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Redefine your VMware Strategy with Google Cloud

Many companies today are reassessing their VMware strategy, exploring more attractive alternatives to their current strategy.
In that context, Google Cloud is an appealing solution to run VMware workloads seamlessly and more cost-efficient. And with the guidance of Devoteam experts, your modernisation journey for your IT infrastructure can be accelerated.

Do you want to discover the possibilities of redefining your VMware Strategy with Google Cloud? Then this on-demand video is for you!

In this video, Google Cloud partner Devoteam and Google Cloud experts give an overview of the latest about Google Cloud VMware Engine, including the recently announced license portability.
Hear from our customer WESSLING how Google Cloud VMware Engine and trusted partner Devoteam helped them to make the right decisions and accelerated their IT Infrastructure modernisation journey.

Speakers in this video:

  • Anis Zekri, Google Cloud VMware Engine Lead EMEA at Devoteam
  • Peter de Bruijn, Google Cloud VMware Engine Specialist EMEA at Google Cloud
  • Mathieu Noirault, CIO at WESSLING

In this video, the experts dive deeper in the following topics:

  • See how Google Cloud enhances your existing VMware investments to boost performance and security
  • Business Use Cases: Discover different concrete business use cases for Google Cloud VMware Engine
  • Customer case: Explore Google Cloud VMware Engine in action at our customer WESSLING
  • Modernise your infrastructure: Learn how to leverage Google Cloud’s scalability and agility for your VMware workloads 

Watch the video below and unlock the potential of Google Cloud for your business!