Reimagine your business with SAP on Google Cloud

Hosted by Valon Rexhepi
Guests: Niels Buekers

Discover the benefits of running your SAP workloads on Google Cloud in this webinar! Find out what the differentiators are for businesses who choose for Google Cloud as their public Cloud provider to run their SAP workloads in the Cloud, comapared to other Cloud vendors. And explore the unlocked opportunities of big data when you run your SAP in Google Cloud.

SAP on Google Cloud at Next 2019

Discover how you can gain maximum ROI out of your SAP move to the Cloud, with Google Cloud. Hear from customer Multipharma how and why they moved their SAP/HANA workloads to Google Cloud. Join this webinar to learn more, plus ask all your questions to our expert.

Migrating to SAP S/4HANA in the cloud can be seen as a challenge, but it’s also an enormous opportunity to deliver cost and performance benefits. With Google Cloud you can get S/4HANA running to its full potential, with easy cloud migrations and app upgrades. As a result you can power intelligent ERP with the smartest analytics and AI around – and run SAP without limits.

Google Cloud covers all your bases: from compute capabilities, storage and databases, to networking big data, Cloud AI, and the management tools available. As a result you can power your intelligent ERP for the best price possible – and run SAP without limits.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • The benefits of SAP on Google Cloud
  • Differentiators of Google Cloud over other Cloud providers
  • Why customers like Belgian pharma market leader Multipharma choose for Google Cloud
  • Business opportunities you can unlock with your SAP workloads in Google Cloud

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  • Introduction
  • Differentiators of SAP on Google Cloud
  • Unlock business opportunities with big data, AI & ML 
  • Customer Story: Multipharma
  • Q&A 

Join this webinar if you’re a…

  • Head of infrastructure
  • Head of Enterprise Applications
  • Head of Data
  • Other Manager; responsible for IT, infrastructure, Cloud or SAP