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Diakité, Squad lead Data Engineer and Expert Analytics Engineer at Devoteam G Cloud France

Diakité, Squad Lead Data engineer in France, discusses his journey, daily responsibilities, and the importance of customer satisfaction in his role.

Google Cloud

This series focuses on the experts from Devoteam G Cloud who are at the forefront of driving progress in the dynamic and evolving Google Cloud ecosystem. In this article, you’ll meet Diakité, a Squad Lead Data Engineer and Expert Analytics Engineer at Devoteam G Cloud in France. Diakité discusses his journey, daily responsibilities, and the importance of customer satisfaction in his role, and highlights a specific project.

Unleashing the power of data: my journey as a Squad Lead Data Engineer at Devoteam G Cloud

My Job as a Data Engineer is: Creating Value from Existing Data.

My role as a Squad Lead Data Engineer and Expert Analytics Engineer at Devoteam G Cloud is all about harnessing the immense potential of data to create value for our clients. With a rich background of five years in the field, I embarked on my adventure with Devoteam G Cloud two years ago as a Data Engineer. Little did I know that my insatiable curiosity would lead me to delve deeper into the realm of analytics, prompting me to specialize in Google’s cutting-edge Analytics technologies and develop expertise in their products.

From Data Pipelines to Client Satisfaction: A Day in the Life of a Data Engineer

In general, a day in the life of a data engineer at Devoteam G Cloud includes designing and developing data pipelines, creating data models, implementing data transformation and integration processes, ensuring data quality and reliability, and collaborating with stakeholders to understand their requirements. Additionally, as a data engineer, I am responsible for optimizing data storage and retrieval systems, monitoring data pipelines, and continuously improving data infrastructure and architecture.

The goal is to create value from the existing data, utilizing the skills and technologies at our disposal.

Thriving in the Devoteam G Cloud Team

From the moment I joined the Devoteam G Cloud Team, I was immediately struck by the remarkable talent and diverse expertise of its members. 

Together, we form a group of highly skilled and multidisciplinary professionals, specializing in Google Cloud technologies while also embracing a broad spectrum of other cutting-edge solutions. 

This unique blend of skills and knowledge is undeniably one of our greatest assets. Within this dynamic ecosystem, The Data Tribe,  which I am a part of, consists of more than 100x data enthusiasts.  Our collective aim is to find solutions that enable our customers to derive maximum value from their data. We foster an environment of continuous growth, constantly updating our skills through dedicated training sessions, active knowledge sharing, and attending insightful seminars. Our sense of camaraderie is further fortified by engaging in collaborative activities and thought-provoking discussions.

Let’s Deep Dive into the Projects

One of the most rewarding facets of my role is the ongoing interaction with clients. Together, we embark on a collaborative journey, delving deep into their needs and requirements. We engage with clients to understand their needs, perform appropriate data modeling, and then build the requested content once the data is available. This dual position, where I am actively involved both upstream and downstream of projects, grants me a profound sense of achievement and fulfillment.

Nevertheless, there are also challenges that come with being a data engineer.  At the heart of our mission lies the paramount importance of customer satisfaction, as clients frequently present us with ambitious demands. Balancing these expectations with the limitations imposed by technology becomes an ongoing endeavor. Depending on the use cases, this can be quite challenging, but it also pushes us to find innovative solutions.

As we navigate this dynamic landscape, our commitment remains steadfast in delivering results that surpass expectations.

Overcoming obstacles!

In my recent project, some obstacles surfaced, with the most prominent ones being the tight deadline and client expectations. To surmount these hurdles, I embraced a proactive mindset. I diligently devised a strategy wherein I offered the client at least two potential solutions, thoroughly outlining the constraints and time implications associated with each option. This approach paved the way for a shared understanding between all stakeholders, effectively managing expectations and fostering a collaborative atmosphere. 

Allow me to describe my most recent project as a data engineer. It involved migrating an entire organization, including data pipelines and reports. To ensure the success of the project, we adopted a holistic and methodical approach. We first understood the data projects, mapped the completeness of the contents to be migrated, and then executed the migration. We adapted any necessary components and conducted thorough testing before presenting the final results to the customer. In terms of activity, it is:

  • 1 cloud foundation
  • 1 Data platform migration and optimization
  • Migration of BQ tables (more than 100 schedule queries, More than 100 tables, and Data transfers)
  • Migration of more than 100 stambia jobs vers BQ
  • Migration of 12 Power BI reports to Data Studio

The project was successful, highlighting the importance of a meticulous approach. As proof, all the DBs, processing jobs, and Dashboards have been migrated and are fully functional. We received the customer’s congratulations and the latter has committed to post-migration support.

Let’s Wrap up

To set the pace, I believe in breaking down big and ambitious goals into smaller, achievable milestones. By embracing a strategy that focuses on daily quick wins, I consistently fuel high levels of motivation and commitment, propelling me steadily forward toward the larger objectives at hand.

If I were to encapsulate my job as a data engineer in just one word, it would be “challenging.” The dynamic nature of this field, coupled with the ever-evolving Google Cloud technologies, creates a role that constantly keeps me on my toes. 

It is within this challenging environment that I thrive, finding inspiration and fulfillment in the infinite possibilities for growth and innovation. 

Ready, set, join

Diakité’ story serves as an illustration of the limitless potential of Google cloud and the infinite opportunities available at Devoteam G Cloud for those who are eager to learn and grow. Are you interested in Data analytics and Google Cloud? Now is the time to take the next step. Join the team today and start your own journey to success!