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Anthos Start

With Anthos Start, Devoteam G Cloud helps its clients to evaluate, run and scale their Anthos environment with a focus on governance, security, networking, operations and billing topics.

Build processes and automation for hybrid/multi-cloud

Anthos Start is made to design, run and scale your Anthos deployments by designing and building processes and automation around hybrid/multi cloud governance, security, day-2 operations such as upgrade and decommissioning, networking and managing Anthos costs.

You will also get exposure to Anthos Service mesh, Anthos Config Management and how to structure and codify your Anthos clusters to build a next gen hybrid/multi-cloud platform.

In a nutshell:

  • Governance covering topics such as procurement, change management, budgeting, risk management and training.
  • Secured setup with focus on identity and distributed config management.
  • Hardened and scalable hybrid and multi-cloud networking design.
  • Day-2 Anthos operations setup for customers
  • MSP Command Center: Multi-cloud FinOps tool

Why this accelerator? 

Our experience with Anthos began in 2019 and evolved throughout the years as the product evolved. Along the way we discovered that it requires some additional processes and automation to use it to its full potential, so we built those out as well and formalised it as an accelerator.

  • You need a next-gen multi / hybrid cloud environment.
  • You want to move to Kubernetes on-prem or multi-cloud.
  • You want to run Kubernetes on the edge.

Who is this accelerator for? 

Customers often want to utilize Anthos to solve a business use case, it can be very broad such as designing your organization’s next generation of compute, or modernizing your development processes while adhering to certain regulations of data locality.

  • Enterprises wanting to choose and build out the next-gen platform to achieve software development efficiency in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment.
  • Companies who need to run highly available applications, geographically distributed applications, applications regulated by data locality laws as well as be able to run applications on the edge.
  • For companies already using Anthos and want to improve their adoption and scale that out to the rest of the business units.

Benefits of Anthos Start

Get to production with Anthos ASAP.

Build out your service mesh with Anthos Service Mesh with the right configuration.

Operationalize your Day-2 needs with Anthos such as upgrade, commissioning, decommissioning and monitoring needs.

Dashboards to track your Anthos license costs and ensure cost effective usage of the clusters.

What does Anthos Start cover?

Hybrid-Multi cloud governance  

Achieve the creation of clusters across different environments in an automated and trackable manner utilizing Infrastructure as Code.

Hybrid-Multi cloud networking design

Design an hybrid-multi cloud networking setup which is scalable and spans across different cloud providers and on-premise infrastructure. Utilize different Anthos features such as Ingress for Anthos, Multi Cluster meshing to achieve high availability deployments and adhere to different regulatory requirements.

Anthos Change Mangement

Often with the introduction of a new infrastructure layer, it is needed to introduce the new abilities and possibilities of such as product to not only the DevOps teams, but also the developers, analysts and also finance and finops teams. The Anthos Change management program is tailored to ensure that these future users and stakeholders understand its features, how it is licensed and how it will evolve in the future.

Anthos Service Mesh

Deploying Anthos Service Mesh is getting easier with each development effort by Google, but utilizing it to monitor, control traffic within the cluster still requires a certain level of Istio configuration expertise. We will help to build out these configuration according to your needs, as well as reusing templates which have been proven to be battle-tested and complete.

Anthos Config Management and Policy Controller

Utilizing Anthos Config Management requires you to split out your configuration to an inheritance model and layout recommended by the ACM feature. We can help you with converting your configuration as well as applying best practice policies to prevent incorrect configuration to compromise your Anthos clusters.

Do you want to discuss your own project with us? 

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