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Drive adoption in your Data and Analytics project

The problem? Becoming a data-driven company doesn’t happen overnight. No matter what industry you’re in or how good the technology is.

The solution? A good change management plan can help you accelerate buy-in and therefore adoption where you get full ROI. A structured approach tailored to your company will help you with the people's side of change.

A structured approach tailored to your company will help you with the people’s side of change

If your goal is to become a data driven company and to leverage your data as much as possible to make impactful and meaningful business centric decisions, you’ll need to get people onboard.

When it comes to driving adoption, it’s not just about sending out a communication and assuming everyone understands how they need to think and work differently. That’s why we want to help you with the people’s side of change.

Prosci Change Management Methodology: the 6Ss

Driving a change in culture and behaviour

Based on the change management methodology, Prosci, a change in culture and behaviour requires many different aspects that we name as the “6 Ss”:

  • ? Spark the flame

    create awareness in desire in your teams by making them part of the project very early on. Selected individuals will be part of the requirement workshops but also test out the solution tailored to their needs.

  • ? Sprinkle the joy

    we strongly believe that ambassador programs are the way to take your data project to all the corners of the organisation. A structured plan for these prestigious individuals will help you get past the hurdles.

  • ?️ Spread the word

    we focus a considerable amount of time in strategizing how to leverage all your communication channels and adapting the communication to the impacted user-groups.

  • ? Steer the people

    If users are required to use a new tool for reporting for example, then training is needed not only to help them with the platform but also how to interpret the data.

  • ✨ Sparkle

    We implement gamification to show off the results of the project and to spark curiosity and engagement.

  • ? Spring to the future

    Last but not least, we ensure that your organisation has what it takes to be onboard new joiners in your data journey.

Still not convinced? This is what others say

If you’re still not convinced you need change management, I encourage you to listen to 2 podcasts from our customers who clearly underline that it’s all about the people.

Why this accelerator? Think of the risks not implementing change management

Rather than thinking why you need this accelerator, think about the risks you’re taking of not implementing change management for your data projects: 

  • Lack of impact analysis. How will you know who in your organisation needs special attention, a tailored training fit to their needs? Change management does that for you. 
  • Lack of sponsorship, which is the main reasons project fail. Change management helps you to identify your key players and keep them close to you. 
  • Lack of involvement from the business. We see that very often data and analytics projects are seen as a technical project and the business is forgotten causing major set backs once the adoption comes into play. 
  • Lack of project awareness and marketing: working on your data is something to be proud of! We strongly encourage to create internal buzz around the project and its implications which helps with adoption as well.

Who is this accelerator for? 

  • Customers looking to improve their adoption in their data and analytics project
  • Customers looking to become a data driven company and want to drive change within their culture.

How can you benefit from Change Management in Data and Analytics ?

Transform your company into a data-centric company with impactful business decisions.

Change management analysis 

Understand what the impact of your change has on all your staff. Understand what resistance is and how to mitigate it.


Understand who your sponsor is and who your ambassadors are and put in place a strategy for each of them to contribute actively in your project


Leverage all your communication channels and create a communication plan fit for your audience. Awareness is key.


Where needed, we’ll put in place a training plan suitable for the different impacted user groups so that they can upskill and know how to make meaningful decisions with your data.

Struggling to drive adoption? Wondering how to make a culture change?

This accelerator offers you: 

  • A full program from A-Z to help you drive adoption within the business based on years of experience and best practices. We also apply the change methodology from Prosci in all of our deployments.
  • KPIs to measure adoption within the business. 

Do you want to discuss your own project with us? 

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