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Cloud Foundations Accelerator

The Cloud Foundations help you build strong and consistent fundamentals to make any Google Cloud deployment a success.

Google workspace para o seu negócio

Guaranteed consistency for every deployment

  • The Cloud Foundations help companies build the foundations of their Cloud Adoption, or streamline their existing adoption, so that any team can deploy any type of workload in a consistent manner, within the guidelines and best practices defined.
  • Cloud Foundations ensure the cornerstones of your cloud are rock solid, covering topics such as Governance, Security, Networking, Operations and Billing.
  • With our flexible deployment strategy, Cloud Foundations allow a high level of autonomy and independence for different teams, or be fully centrally managed.
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Why is this accelerator useful for me?

Issues Cloud Foundations is solving:

  • Manual: Traditional and even cloud environments are often being set up by hand and have grown organically. In the beginning, there were only a few workloads, convenient for Iac – Infra-as-clicks.
  • Error-prone:Manual interactions with different consoles make interacting with these environments error prone, and susceptible to human mistakes.  Without a proper system in place, validation steps can easily be overlooked, resulting in unexpected behaviour.
  • Inconsistent:Having multiple interfaces, each with different methodologies for deploying different type of resources, make each deployment very bespoke and hard to consolidate. Expertise with different tools and consoles is required.
Google workspace para o seu negócio

For who?

  • Size: Any size of company can benefit from Cloud Foundations. From a small startup with a central team, to enterprises with dedicated teams and distributed responsibilities.
  • Greenfield: New deployments in Google.  You decided to kick off your Cloud journey in Google Cloud and want to do it properly, right out of the gate.
  • Brownfield: You run workloads deployed in Google Cloud and want to bring structure and governance to your current environment, while at the same time ensuring consistency in the future growth.

What do the foundations cover?

The Cloud Foundations cover different areas:


Ensure your Organisations, Folders and Projects are structured and organised to reflect your company’s structure. Evaluate and ensure different policies to apply and enforce per team, project or across the organisation.


Connect, expose and secure all your systems, services and endpoints, whether on premise, hybrid or in Google Cloud.


Secure your Google Cloud organisation from every angle, with a strong focus on Roles & RBAC, Service accounts, Identities and Security Command Center.


Prepare your organisation for day 2 activities by streamlining your operations model with Google Cloud. Focus on logging, monitoring, alerting and auditing.


Cloud Foundations is fully implemented in terraform and can be automated with any deployment pipeline like Terraform Cloud, Gitlab CI or Cloud Build.


Guarantee full cost control using FinOps methodologies including creating dashboard, setting alerting & analysing optimizations.

The Cloud Foundations accelerator offers you 


Implementing solid Cloud Foundations ensure your environment is stable and offers the confidence your current environment can swiftly accept your future growth.


Having your Cloud Foundations fully automated, ensures all changes propagated, tracked and implemented with peace of mind.


Your entire Google Cloud environment is managed in a similar manner, no matter how many teams or individuals are involved.


Having a consistent and automated foundation, allows you to deploy new workloads, teams or projects in record time.

Success Stories These customers are already building on solid foundations.

Unified Post Group

Devoteam G Cloud has onboarded UnifiedPost Group in Google Cloud with various services starting from Cloud Foundations to deploying their core application stack on Anthos, migrating data center workloads into Google Cloud, implementing DocAI and designing and developing their Cloud Native Data Warehouse.


Providing Cloud Foundations and Datacenter take-out with migrating VMWare workloads into GCE, GCVE and GKE.

Mercer International

Implementation of Cloud Foundations to set up a hybrid networking environment and best practices for scalable use across teams in 3 continents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. When you have already adopted Google Cloud, the Cloud Foundations accelerator will help you assess your current foundational structure, procedures and governance and analyse where it can be improved with industry best practices. And if desired, help you implement the recommended changes.

When your Cloud Foundations are strongly identified and implemented, we can help you review them against best practices and our industry experience, to have an external validation of your environment.

In our opinion, yes. No matter how small you start, having a solid structure in place from the beginning is crucial, as it will require a lot more effort to restructure your environment later on. We will adapt our offering based on your needs and size.

With the Cloud Foundations accelerator, you can decide on the level of autonomy you give to individual teams and departments.  No matter the level of (de)centralisation, the Cloud Foundations ensure your Google Cloud environment  is fully streamlined with your business.

Want to know more?

The Cloud Foundations help you build strong and consistent fundamentals to make any Google Cloud deployment a success. Focus on: 

  • Stability
  • Automation
  • Consistency
  • Speed