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Data Center Exit Accelerator

The Data Center Exit accelerator helps you get started on your journey to the cloud faster by providing a standardized estimation, analysis and plan for migrating your data center to Google Cloud

Potencia tu equipo de ventas con Google Workspace

Ensuring all migration projects are estimated properly and in a timely matter

  • DC Exit speeds up the process of discovery and planning by giving a set of tools, templates, and best practices.
  • Speeding up this process will allow you to more quickly work on moving your workloads to GCP

Why this accelerator? 

Migrations can be complicated, and the first step towards ensuring a successful migration, is to get a strong base for the project. This is by identifying possible incompatibilities, migration risks, and having a solid understanding of the process and length of the migration.

For who?

For companies looking to get rid of or slim down their on-premise infrastructure

Do you want to discuss your own project with us? 

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