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Cloud Finops Accelerator

Cloud FinOps is an operational framework and cultural shift that brings technology, finance, and business together to drive financial accountability and accelerate business value realisation. In simpler terms; FinOps aligns teams under a single aim – maximising cloud investment.

With Cloud FinOps, Devoteam G Cloud helps its clients to design, run and scale their Cloud environment with a focus on budgeting,  cost optimization, forecasting and right-sized architecture and design.

This is what you can expect from Cloud FinOps 

  • Dashboards and process for budgeting, cost allocation, shared costs
  • Trend and variance analysis, forecasting and anomaly detection via tooling
  • Commitment based discounts management, license optimization, rightsizing
  • Architecture modernization for cloud costs reduction
  • Establishment of FinOps culture and continual learning

For who? 

  • For enterprises who want a FinOps strategy in place before moving to the cloud
  • Companies already on Google Cloud who want to optimize and improve their cloud cost effectiveness

How can you benefit from Cloud FinOps?  

Understanding cloud usage & costs

Performance tracking & benchmarking & Cloud usage optimization

Real-time decision making

Organizational Alignment

From inventory, to dashboarding and installing the culture. We have your back. What does Cloud FinOps cover?

Asset inventory

Creation of asset inventory feed for cost allocation as part of the understanding cloud usage and costs stream.

Cloud usage workshop

Learn how to estimate costs via pricing calculator, labelling scheme for shared costs calculations, understand how to claim SLA breach credits from Google.

Cloud usage dashboard

Dashboards to highlight under utilized resources and a process to right size those resources to be put into place.

Benchmarking and budgeting workshop

Assign owners or shared owners to each project, resource, quarterly budgeting process with variance tracking against real costs.

Committed use discounts analysis and forecasting

Run forecasting models to predict increase or decrease in usage of cloud costs and purchase the right CUDs to get the lowest price.

FinOps culture

Build communication channels, templates and training for implementation of the FinOps practice so that IT, Finance, Policy and Governance have the right templates, channels and approvals to execute on any actions needed to be taken to rightsize cloud costs.

The Cloud FinOps Accelerator offers you:

  • Collaborative model to FinOps
  • Emphasis on the business value of cloud to drive decisions
  • Taking ownership for their cloud usage
  • Timely and accessible FinOps reports
  • Centralized team driving FinOps
  • Taking advantage of the variable cost mode of cloud

Want to talk about your own project with us?

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