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Google Cloud Security Assessment

With Google Cloud Security Assessment, Devoteam G Cloud helps its client to improve their security posture.

Using the Cloud Foundation Toolkit scorecard, the security team will execute a scan of the current Google Cloud environment, produce a list of recommendations and walk the customer through the action items to harden security.

Protect Your Data in a Hybrid Cloud World
Protect Your Data in a Hybrid Cloud World

A Security Audit that scans your Google Cloud Environment

A Google Cloud Architect scans your Google Cloud environment with a tool and workshops with your company to assess, understand and remediate open security issues to harden your Google Cloud environment.

The audit relies on our security assessment tool and framework and will cover the following items:

  • Cloud Resource Management
  • Identity, Authentication and Authorization
  • Network Security
  • Virtual Machine Security
  • GKE Security
  • Data Security
  • Security Operations
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This accelerator brings your Google Cloud Security to the next level

  • Quickly check your Google Cloud environment readiness
  • Define a clear remediation plan
  • Embedding Google best practices

For those looking to harden their environment

  • Customers looking to improve their security posture
  • Customers looking to harden their environment in preparation for an audit

What does the Security Assessment cover?

Resource management

Identity & Access Management

Network Security

VM Security

Data Security

Security Operations

GKE Security

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