Cloud-native App Development

Build And Run Modern Apps On A Serverless Platform With Google Cloud

Businesses are adopting innovative digital initiatives to forge brighter connections with their customers. Cloud-Native Application Development gives companies the velocity, reliability and security they need to build and run effective applications that drive better customer experience.

Cloud Native Applications Development Devoteam G Cloud

With Devoteam G Cloud, you can focus on developing your code in a container-based environment without experiencing vendor lock-in on the Google Cloud platform.

We’ll help you build, test and run your app without risk and enjoy multi-cloud deployment with CI/CD pipelines.

  • Instantly scale up or down with an elastic infrastructure depending on user traffic.
  • Built-in security and compliance & other microservices throughout your entire developing process ensure the best version of your software gets deployed.

Our Deliverables

Why Cloud-Native Application Development with Devoteam G Cloud?

All-in App Development Support 

From analysis of your needs to the realisation and launch of your applications. You’ll get the best of Google Cloud to make your business processes more efficient.

Optimise your Business Processes 

Our team imagines, comes up with & creates adapted tools to simplify, automate and optimise your business processes in different fields like HR, Purchasing, Marketing, Information Architecture,…

Create a Unique Customer Experience 

Our teams can help you to take advantage of the multiple benefits of Google Cloud to boost your marketing campaigns. Take the opportunity to engage & retain your customers around an engaging and interactive application.

Our Google Cloud Platform Expertise

Our Google Cloud Platform certified experts guide you efficiently in the implementation and maintenance of your application.

Innovation Lab: Let's Turn Innovation into an Opportunity

The Digital Lab co-invents use cases to differentiate you thanks to the potential of Google Cloud innovations.

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