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An advanced IT startup paving the future of employee productivity with Google Cloud Platform

Devoteam G Cloud’s team took the role of consultants and guides in the process, and assisted Swipetask on every step of the switch to GCP.


With the Swipetask system and solution becoming increasingly a ‘mission-critical component’ in our clients’ operations, we are on a rapid pace to integrate and benefit from Google’s AI capabilities.

About the customer

Swipetask offers clients a multi-platform, flexible and easy-to-use solution for staff reporting, improved task-management, quality performance & accelerated learning in a mobile setting for work-forces. The solution also provides management with added clarity while reducing response-time
to any reported quality issues or unscheduled, reactive tasks.

Swipetask is uniquely designed from the ‘ground-up’ with an ethos of ‘empowering and enabling the work-crew to perform better’, ultimately giving the management what they need; improved performance and savings.

The Challenge

The application created by Swipetask quickly gained a lot of attention and interest from the market. Its first user-site was for the public area cleaning services in Raffles Hotel.

Swipetask is also used for quality inspection of cleaning services at primary schools under the Ministry of Education, ATM cleaning for OCBC Bank, by the FM service provider at Asia Square, and many more.

Growing number of customers and users, fast development and increased security requirements created new challenges for Swipetask’s leadership.

“We saw the need for Swipetask to be served by a very flexible and responsive cloud-service provider, with improved service-levels and as they were also keen to host with the latest technology and in Singapore”, said Glenn Yeo, Solutions Engineer at Devoteam G Cloud.

The Goal

Their App generates an unprecedented amount of diverse data from digital and physical sources.
When properly ingested, merged, and analyzed, this wealth of data can be used to discover patterns and insights that illuminate paths to better customer experiences and new operational efficiencies.
With growth and business expansion as a primary goal, Swipetask also set stability, scalability, and security as other key priorities.

The Solution

The team at Devoteam G Cloud in Singapore wanted to introduce Mr. Rosén to Google Cloud Platform and present the way Swipetask could solve its current issues by going Google.
Swipetask’s team quickly realised the potential GCP could unlock for their business and the App itself. Choosing Google Cloud meant also moving to the most secure environment, a goal that was always on a priority list for Wilddan and his team.
Devoteam G Cloud’s team took the role of consultants and guides in the process, and assisted Swipetask on every step of the switch to GCP.

The Result

The Devoteam G Cloud team handled the transition smoothly, swiftly and without any interruptions. Swipetask has been onboarded to Devoteam G Cloud’s Center of Excellence helping Swipetask maintain higher service-levels.

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