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Enhanced Business Intelligence leading to 20% increase in Revenue: A Devoteam and Talent Mapper Success Story

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Introduction to Talent Mapper

In the fast-changing world of talent hiring and management, data is essential for businesses to make smart choices and improve their plans. Talent Mapper helps organisations modernise their talent management strategy by leveraging internal recruitment strategies. They use AI to map out different career pathways for employees within an organisation. Talen Mapper recognised the need to enhance their business intelligence capabilities to gain a deeper understanding of its data and drive informed decision-making. 

Facing the Challenge: Accessible Data Insights

Talent Mapper knew that to deliver more value to customers, it needed to modernise its analytics approach. The company’s existing analytics solution was embedded in the code, which made it difficult and time-consuming to update the data and insights. To provide their customers with more insights into their people data. The company therefore wanted to provide a solution that would allow customers to access the insights they need, without having to deal with the technology themselves.

Seeking a Solution: Partnering with Devoteam

To address these challenges and transform its business intelligence capabilities, Talent Mapper sought the expertise of Devoteam, a leading provider of digital transformation consulting and services. Devoteam, with its deep understanding of data analytics and business intelligence solutions, partnered with Talent Mapper to develop a product on Looker that they could offer to their customers for enhanced visibility over their talent pool. 

Talent Mapper was introduced to Looker directly by Google, through to Google for Startups Program and already had some dashboards created with them. They used these dashboards as a starting point to discuss with Devoteam what insights could be provided from the data that was available. This discussion helped to scope out how much work would be needed to achieve Talent Mapper’s desired results.

Through  a series of data discovery workshops, Carl, Talent Mapper CTO, showed and explained to Attila, Devoteam Lead Data Architect, the data and the connections. Attila was then given access to the data to analyse it and create the necessary queries, Talent Mapper then walked through the data that was available to them, with Devoteam, to see what insights they could provide. It was also discussed what would be potentially valuable to include in the dashboard. Once there was a good understanding of the scope of work, they began to develop the dashboard. 

Overcoming the Challenges

Devoteam helped Talent Mapper overcome the challenges of providing their customers with more insights into their people data by developing a solution that does not require them to interface with their internal IT teams. This enables Talent Mapper to provide its customers with a higher level of visibility into their data and insights in a shorter timeframe, which gives them the flexibility to approach their customers with this offering more quickly.

Looker’s data-agnostic platform allowed the company to divorce the data and insight changes from the code changes. This makes it fast and easy for Talent Mapper to deliver the latest insights to customers. Additionally, Looker’s built-in sharing features make it easy for Talent Mapper to share insights with customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

Devoteam were very useful in that regard adapting to change in the scope and we started to go through the process of designing and building something that was going to be immediately valuable to our customers and off the back of that we upsold almost immediately what we delivered.

Talent Mapper’s move to Looker is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering value to its customers. By modernising its analytics approach, Talent Mapper is now able to provide customers with the insights they need to make informed decisions and improve their business.

Harvesting Early Success: Increased Customer Interest and Revenue Potential

The impact of Looker’s implementation was evident in the immediate response from Talent Mapper’s customers. Within a month of deploying the solution, 66% of the company’s existing customer base expressed interest in purchasing the enhanced reporting capabilities, representing a potential revenue increase of approximately 20%. This positive response validated Talent Mapper’s decision to invest in its business intelligence infrastructure and demonstrated the value that data-driven insights could bring to its customers.

Attila was very responsive. We had a Google chat set up, we were constantly communicating throughout the project. We had a couple of demos where we would be shown changes. There was discussion about how to evolve it further and then those changes were. It was very agile and very value-driven.

Embracing the Future: Expanding Data-Driven Insights with Devoteam

Building on the success of its initial project with Devoteam, Talent Mapper is already planning its next venture. The company aims to create a similar dashboard for Equity & Inclusion data, recognising the growing importance of this data for its customers. With Devoteam’s expertise and Looker’s capabilities, Talent Mapper is confident that this new dashboard will provide valuable insights and further enhance its offerings.

Conclusion: A Partnership for Success

Talent Mapper’s journey with Devoteam and Looker exemplifies the transformative power of data-driven insights. By effectively harnessing its data, Talent Mapper has unlocked new opportunities for growth and enhanced its ability to serve its customers. The company’s success story showcases the expertise of Devoteam and the capabilities of Looker demonstrating the potential for businesses to transform their operations and achieve success through data-driven decision-making.

If you are looking to kick start your journey and get the best out of your data, please get in touch.