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Fednot’s Journey to the cloud and Google Cloud app development

Executive summary

The Federation of Notaries, Fednot, assists Belgian notaries with legal advice, management, IT solutions, training and information for the general public. In the past 20 years, they have set out to digitalise the industry, starting with connecting the notaries of Belgium and connecting notaries to the government and local administration. Fednot aimed to create digital applications for citizens, moving to the cloud was a necessary step.

The Client and its Context

The Federation of Notaries (Fednot) is the professional association of Belgium’s notaries. It supports notaries with their day-to-day operations including providing legal advice, office management, IT solutions, training and providing information to the public.

It boasts a network of 1,126 offices, bringing together 1646 notaries and 9794 employees. Fednot is the driving force behind modernising the profession through several digitisation initiatives. The latest initiative is to provide modern applications for the general public using the latest cloud solutions.

The Challenge 

As more and more administration is digitised, citizens expect the ability to handle much of their day-to-day administration digitally, from banking to signing important documents. Fednot believed that it was essentially that the notary profession kept up with this trend and pushed to develop user-friendly and modern applications for citizens. A modern cloud solution was necessary to enable the distribution of these apps. Fednot also wanted to benefit from new AI technologies to power these apps and open up future digitisation opportunities.

Technology was not the only challenge, Fednot also sought to align their employees with their vision and build up the necessary expertise to take advantage of these new cloud and AI solutions. After evaluating a variety of options, Fednot determined that Google was the most optimal option. To navigate the number of possibilities provided by the Google ecosystem, Fednot reached out to Devoteam G Cloud to provide guidance.

The big advantage that we had was that we had Devoteam G Cloud as a partner, because Google is such a large company with so many opportunities you really need someone to help guide you through it.

The Solutions

Fednot started their journey to begin developing apps using the Google Clouds ecosystem. With such a wide range of tools, Fednot saw it necessary to reach out to Devoteam G Cloud for help. Not only to help them navigate the Google Cloud ecosystem but also to build up their expertise internally. Devoteam G Cloud helped Fednot understand and use these tools, best practices and standards to benefit from their investment.

To provide the necessary knowledge, Devoteam provided a range of workshops. These workshops aimed to provide them with the expertise to use these tools and provide Fednot with the internal competence to develop their perfect cloud solution and apps.

The workshops were very professionally organised and communicated. We really needed this, these workshops were very essential for our teams and our federation.

Main results and benefits for the customer

With the new Google Cloud Solution, Fednot launched the app Biddit. Citizens received the app as a very user-friendly application. It has also allowed Fednot to begin work on more applications for the future, such as StartMyBusiness. Google Cloud has given Fednot a foundation for its future digitisation efforts and Devoteam G Cloud provided them with the internal knowledge to develop these apps. This will help the Notaries to benefit from the new digital services and help citizens access services digitally and easily.

It’s by using these cloud solutions that we can provide applications like Biddit. Which is now working very well and its the only way Belgians can buy and sell houses online.