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How GemOne & TVH handled the separation of their Google Workspace Domains after splitting up into two companies

How to handle Google Workspace when your company splits up? This success story shows how GemOne carved out from the current TVH Google Workspace domain to a new Google domain owned by themselves.

About the customer

GemOne took its first steps 10 years ago, developing a powerful system to monitor industrial equipment remotely.

Since then, GemOne has established partnerships that add more than 50 years of heavy machinery experience to their teams.

Today, they use that combined knowledge — in business and in machines — to serve a range of customers in the Americas, in EMEA, and in Asia Pacific from our 3 global headquarters, helping elevate industrial fleets to a higher level around the world.

The Problem / Challenge

GemOne was part of TVH from which they decided to split. Therefore GemOne partnered up with Devoteam G Cloud to carve out 130 Google Workspace users from the TVH domain and migrate these to a new domain. 

The Goal 

Carve out (get out) the data (mail and files) from the 130 users from the current TVH Google Workspace to a new Google domain owned by GemOne.  This would generate a level of autonomy needed to achieve business goals. 

The Methodology

We used the general Devoteam Methodology of first migrating the core IT of Genome and following that we migrated the rest of the team.  Following that we provisioned the domain with the necessary users & groups with the tool Terraform. 

Then we launched the migration and a subsequent delta migration. The tricky part here was that we would have to remove the domain from TVH and add it to the Genome domain instantly. Lastly we had a go-live checkin and hypercare on the day we went live.

The Result

  • By separating GemOne from TVH, the IT team was able to govern their own admin settings & govern access through their data on GCP & Workspace level.
  • Partner collaboration throughout the organisation. went a lot smoother with full control of the GemOne tenant.
  • Managing files with shared drives enabled the organisation to drastically improve information sharing.

Splitting off from TVH enabled us to support the business faster and tailor internal processes to GemOne needs.

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