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How IJsvogel Retail benefits from managed services for their Google Cloud environment 

The introduction of Managed Services has provided IJsvogel Retail with peace of mind, especially regarding the projects we have undertaken. With Devoteam G Cloud as their trusted partner, they have not only achieved cost savings and operational efficiencies but have also gained assurance that their projects are running seamlessly.

About IJsvogel Retail

IJsvogel Retail, the owner of popular retail chains Pets Place and Boerenbond, is making waves in the pet retail industry in the Netherlands. With a passion for pets and a commitment to providing top-notch products and services, IJsvogel Retail has emerged as one of the largest and most beloved pet stores in the country. Having been in the industry for several years, they have garnered a loyal customer base and have become a household name for pet owners across the nation. 

The Challenge: Streamlining Cloud Management

While they did have some internal people, responding promptly to occasional issues that disrupted their operations proved to be time-consuming and distracted the IT team from their core objectives. They needed a solution to be more efficient and save time.

As they continued to grow, the management of their cloud infrastructure became increasingly crucial. IJsvogel Retail recognised the need to outsource some of their activities to another team, ensuring 24/7 support and freeing up their in-house teams to focus on business impact rather than constantly monitoring consoles and addressing issues.

The Goal: Streamlined Google Cloud Management

IJsvogel Retail’s objective was straightforward: efficient management of their cloud environment and time savings. They aimed to eliminate outages and reduce downtime by responding to issues more rapidly.

Their vision was to have a Google Cloud environment that operated seamlessly, supported by a partner who ensured its high performance. By outsourcing certain activities, IJsvogel Retail aimed to free up valuable time, enabling their in-house teams to concentrate on driving IT innovations that truly impacted their business.

The Solution: Devoteam G Cloud’s managed services

Initially, Devoteam G Cloud conducted an assessment, established cloud foundations, provided consulting, and then devised a framework that outlined how managed services should work for them. This solution was designed to be more efficient and allow people to save time.

Devoteam G Cloud seamlessly introduced IJsvogel Retail to their Managed Services for Google Cloud, a customised solution perfectly tailored to their needs. The Managed Services team at Devoteam G Cloud takes care of IJsvogel Retail’s GCP environment, providing round-the-clock support.

The solution included setting up a monitoring system, complete with a dashboard that offered both the managed services team and IJsvogel Retail clear insights into their cloud’s performance and health. This streamlined approach ensured efficiency and allowed IJsvogel Retail’s teams to be more focused on strategic initiatives.

IJsvogel Retail also receives a monthly report covering incident management, including SLA adherence and incident statistics, customer satisfaction, problem investigation with pending log analysis, change requests, service requests, event statistics from LogicMonitor, and suggestions for future improvements—all designed to save time and enhance efficiency.

The result

Devoteam’s managed services team addressed issues whenever they arise, providing around-the-clock support for IJsvogel Retail’s needs. Additionally, the monthly live dashboard ensured transparency and enhanced efficiency by providing insights into their Google Cloud’s performance. 

This partnership not only strengthened their cloud operations but also freed the IT team from constant console management, enabling them to focus on core challenges and driving impactful changes. With the assurance of expert cloud management, IJsvogel Retail now enjoys peace of mind.

Seeking peace of mind?

IJsvogel Retail did it with Managed Services from Devoteam G Cloud, saving time and money, while enhancing IT efficiency. The mission is to release your staff from low-level tasks so you can focus on your business and speed up time-to-market.