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Transformative collaboration with Google, ASUS and Devoteam unleashes seamless global connectivity for SEUR.

Executive summary

SEUR, a renowned logistics company part of the DPD Group, has successfully transformed its global operations with the help of innovative technology, strengthening its commitment to exceptional customer experiences. In collaboration with Devoteam, SEUR integrated its Google Workspace ecosystem with intelligent video conferencing solutions, overcoming challenges posed by delocalization and fostering streamlined collaboration in an ever-evolving market.

The client and its context

SEUR, a key player in the urgent transport sector in Spain and part of the DPD Group, boasts a vast network of professionals and a fleet of 6,500 vehicles. With a focus on international trade, e-commerce, and B2B, SEUR celebrates 80 years in the market, embodying its motto: “Every shipment tells a story, and all of them tell ours.”

The Challenge

SEUR faced the complex task of managing both local and global activities, requiring seamless communication between employees and customers, since they face a delocalization not only for the team but also for its activity. Seeking a partner to integrate their Google Workspace with an intelligent video conferencing solution, SEUR aimed to enhance operational efficiency and continue its innovative strides in a dynamic market.


Devoteam, in collaboration with SEUR, suggested a solution that considered the complexities of the company’s operations and existing Google Workspace infrastructure. Leveraging ASUS solutions, Devoteam facilitated the deployment of autonomous meeting rooms, eliminating the need for a PC to initiate Google Meet sessions. This collaborative effort ensured a smooth transition, with a strong emphasis on ease of use and collaborative engagement. In addition, the close relationship between partners and customers helped to make this process easier and more collaborative.

Technological approach

ASUS’s innovative products, including the ASUS Large Room Kit, provided SEUR with a scalable infrastructure for meeting rooms of various sizes. This technology not only met SEUR’s technical requirements but also aligned seamlessly with the organization’s commitment to digital transformation, embracing alternative solutions like Chromebooks and the integration with Google Workspace.


The successful partnership between ASUS, Google and Devoteam has been pivotal in driving SEUR’s transformation journey. From video conferencing devices to alternative solutions like Chromebooks, the collaboration has not only streamlined operations but also introduced flexibility and value-added digitization to SEUR’s processes.

“It’s been many years working with Devoteam, where they are always there when we have a challenge. And in this case, with ASUS, we have been very close from the very beginning. They have always been there from the very first moment, providing all these solutions that have been bringing us value and flexibility.”

Key results and benefits

The integration of ASUS video conferencing solutions has propelled SEUR’s evolution, enhancing user experiences and fostering closer connections within teams and with customers. The streamlined integration with the Google console has simplified meeting processes, benefiting technical teams and all departments alike.

ASUS’s commitment to ease of installation, expansion, configuration, and device management has provided SEUR with sustainable solutions, allowing the company to not only meet but exceed its operational goals. As SEUR continues to innovate and grow, the collaboration with ASUS and Devoteam remains instrumental in shaping the company’s success story.

What is the future of the project?

SEUR remains unwavering in its dedication to ongoing technological advancement. As the company experiences growth, undergoes building renovations, and establishes new centres, the necessity for a steadfast integrator and manufacturer persists. Embarking on a new initiative, the “Grab and Go” project, SEUR is partnering with ASUS to implement a Chromebook device management system. This innovative system allows employees to conveniently “borrow” Chromebooks within the office premises, addressing situations where personal computers are forgotten or malfunctioning. This not only streamlines device management in a shared environment but also empowers the utilization of Google Cloud solutions, marking another strategic step in SEUR’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.