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Transforming Trustap’s Business Intelligence with Devoteam

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Introduction to Trustap

 In today’s rapidly evolving fintech landscape, Trustap, a pioneering transaction platform founded in Cork, Ireland, in 2017, stands out as a beacon of trust and security for buyers and sellers engaged in online and face-to-face transactions worldwide. The heart of Trustap’s mission is to offer peace of mind by preventing scams and ensuring secure transactions. With a presence in over 150 countries and partners spanning Asia, Europe, the Americas, and soon-to-be Africa, Trustap is a global player in the fintech industry. To navigate their data-driven journey, Trustap needed a robust business intelligence solution, and this is where the story of their transformation with Devoteam begins.

Challenges Faced

Donncha Kelly, a Business Intelligence Analyst at Trustap, was the first person to take on this pivotal role, bringing over seven years of experience in the manufacturing industry, primarily as an analyst. Donncha’s background had always been steeped in data. The natural progression led him to Trustap, where he could apply his skills to safeguard and elevate online transactions. 

However, Trustap faced a significant challenge – effectively utilising the Google startup program credits they had secured to successfully implement a Looker implementation. Donncha noted that these credits could easily have been wasted, assuming that the next 12 months wouldn’t matter because the services were essentially free. Trustap recognised the immense opportunity presented by these credits and sought to establish a data system that would not only meet their immediate needs but set them on a path of sustainable growth.

Discovering Devoteam

Trustap’s business intelligence journey led them from connecting to single data sources to setting up a data warehouse, which enabled them to apply for the Google startup program. Looker, the analytics tool they believed could transform their data landscape and as part of the Looker implementation, they wanted to have best practices and implement Looker correctly, thus they were introduced to Devoteam. The Google startup program provided them with credits for both BigQuery and Looker implementation, and it became clear that Trustap needed a partner with a deep understanding of best practices to make the most of these resources. The recommendation to engage Devoteam was a pivotal moment in Trustap’s journey.

We wanted to have a system where we could hit the ground running as soon as we were using it. To be able to make business decisions and have an impact on the business from early on.

The Devoteam Solution

From the very beginning, the partnership between Trustap and Devoteam, led by the experienced Attila, was characterised by transparent and open communication. The journey kicked off with a technical review, where Attila thoroughly assessed Trustap’s existing data landscape. These insights paved the way for a customised strategy tailored to Trustap’s specific requirements. Regular workshops addressed immediate issues, explored opportunities for enhancement, and meticulously applied best practices at every stage of the project, becoming the cornerstone of their collaboration.

Towards the end, it was a great benefit to be able to send Attila an email at the start of the week and then by the time Thursday, which was when we normally have meetings, he’d have the answers to everything. The approach was great

Impact on Trustap

The collaborative efforts of Trustap and Devoteam led to several notable achievements:

  • Achieving implementation deadlines: The project team flawlessly executed the project within the required timeline, ensuring a seamless transition to the new data analytics system.
  • Empowering Business Departments: Trustap’s dynamic self-service analytics model proved to be a game-changer. Different departments within the organisation gained the ability to explore and analyse data independently, reducing restrictions and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Engagement: In just the first month following the implementation, Trustap witnessed a remarkable 25% increase in user engagement with the system. This surge in interaction with their data highlighted the immediate impact of the project.


Trustap’s collaboration with Devoteam has been nothing short of transformative. Trustap’s adoption of Looker, with Devoteam’s guidance, helped them achieve data analytics goals and empowered departments to make data-driven decisions autonomously.

In the ever-evolving fintech sector, the Trustap-Devoteam partnership serves as an inspiring example of effective collaboration and the immense value of implementing best practices in business intelligence. As Trustap continues to expand its global footprint and ensure secure transactions, they do so with the confidence that their data infrastructure is robust, scalable, and aligned with their vision of trust and security in the digital realm.

Deepening our relationship with Trustap

  • Workspace Reseller Partnership: Trustap has chosen Devoteam as their trusted Workspace reseller, cementing our relationship as a strategic partner in their digital transformation journey. This partnership reflects their confidence in our expertise and commitment to delivering tailored solutions.
  • Securing Additional Google Fund: Devoteam and Trustap are actively working together to secure an additional Google Fund. This fund will be instrumental in shaping and executing Trustap’s AI Strategy, a pivotal step in enhancing their capabilities and staying at the forefront of innovation.

In this dynamic partnership, Trustap and Devoteam are joining forces to unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and ensure Trustap’s continued success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Together, we are redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in the fintech industry.

The success story of Trustap and Devoteam indeed reaffirms that when innovation, expertise, and partnership converge, remarkable achievements become possible.