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Unlocking the potential of APIs with Apigee: Grupo BC success story

In a view

Grupo BC, a leading banking and real estate outsourcing company based in Europe and Latin America, has undergone a successful digital transformation process over the last years. With the support of Google Cloud premier partner Devoteam, the company has managed to overcome significant challenges and successfully implemented Google Cloud’s Apigee solution to optimize its ecosystem of services and processes.

Grupo BC & Devoteam presentation at Google Summit Madrid 2023

The Challenge

As a company with almost 40 years of experience, Grupo BC faced the challenge of modernizing and optimizing its manual processes and adopting a digital transformation strategy. Given its focus on outsourcing banking services, the company needed a solution that would enable greater efficiency in its services, smoother integration between its various businesses and teams, and the ability to launch new products to market quickly and effectively.

In addition, Grupo BC’s environment presented complexities such as operating in a multi-tenant environment with diverse cloud providers, different geographic locations and distributed development teams. The need for a global solution that was managed by the vendor became crucial.

The main challenges Grupo BC was facing:

  • Launch new End-to-End products.
  • Increase the efficiency of current services.
  • Use “cross” services effectively.
  • Implement API management to connect existing enterprise APIs.
  • Manage a multi-tenant environment with multiple Cloud providers and distributed teams.
  • Need for a global and preferably vendor-managed solution.

The solution

Grupo BC was looking for a centralized API Manager to improve the latency and efficiency of its services, especially those related to AI and heavy document management such as OCR. In collaboration with Devoteam and Google Cloud, they conducted a proof of concept using Apigee, Google Cloud’s API management platform, on two clusters: one on AWS with Openshift and one on GCP with Kubernetes. The choice of Apigee was based on its cloud focus and its ability to manage proxies intelligently.

Apigee addressed Grupo BC’s primary concern, latency, by using Apigee Adapter for Envoy, which enabled effective latency control along with governance, traceability, quotas and security. A key feature of the solution was its ability to route traffic locally, minimizing latency and improving the performance of Grupo BC’s services without adding unnecessary delays.

Main results and benefits

Unified management and governance

Improved Security

Simplified lifecycle and integration with other tools

Error control and non-intrusive transformation

Measurement and SLAs

Team management and collaboration

Simplicity of use and rapid development

Efficient mock development

A success in the field of building new End-to-End business models in complex multi-enterprise microservices environments.

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