Google Cloud M-Trends 2024: Top Trends in Cybersecurity

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Welcome to the Google Cloud M-Trends 2024 Special Report download page, presented by Devoteam. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner and a leader in cybersecurity, we are committed to providing our customers with the tools and knowledge they need to protect their digital infrastructure.

What will you find in the Google Cloud M-Trends 2024 Special Report?

In this 15th annual edition, M-Trends provides an insider’s view of the changing cyber threat landscape, straight from incident response research and high-impact threat intelligence findings from around the world. This report is an essential tool for any cybersecurity professional looking to stay up to date and prepared in the face of the latest threats.

Topics highlighted in the report:

  • Latest incident response metrics: Including dwell times, detection sources, initial infection vectors and more.
  • Attacks by actors with ties to China: Focusing on peripheral devices and platforms that lack EDR.
  • Trending adversary operations and motivations: Behind zero-day attacks.
  • Evolution of phishing techniques: Despite modern security controls.
  • Compromising multi-factor authentication using AiTM: How attackers exploit weaknesses in multi-factor authentication.
  • Intrusions in cloud and hybrid cloud environments: Reasons behind the increase of these intrusions, and effective solutions.
  • Effective use of AI in red and purple team operations: to improve cyber defences.

Why download the M-Trends 2024 Special Report?

  • Detailed and up-to-date insight into the latest and most sophisticated cyber threats.
  • Data-driven analysis of incidents and attacks over the past year.
  • Practical recommendations and solutions to improve your organisation’s security posture.
  • Exclusive insights provided by Google Cloud experts.

Who are we?
At Devoteam, we are cybersecurity experts with a proven track record in protecting organisations of all sizes against advanced cyber threats.
As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we combine our expertise and advanced Google Cloud tools to deliver cutting-edge security solutions.

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