The CISO Guide to Security Transformation: download the Google Cloud Security White Paper

Google Cloud

Switching to the cloud presents a huge opportunity for CISOs to transform their company's approach to security. Here’s what you need to know.

Whether you’re a CISO actively pursuing a cloud security transformation or a CISO supporting a wider digital transformation, you’re in charge of protecting information for your business, your partners, and your clients. At Google Cloud, we assist you in staying ahead of new threats by providing you with the resources you need to improve your security and uphold customer confidence in your business.

By implementing a parallel security transformation, you can ensure that your digital transformation and migration to the cloud are successful and that you can take full advantage of the opportunity that cloud security presents to modernise your strategy and substantially lower your security risk. Our recent whitepaper presents our ideas, which are informed by our interactions with Google Cloud clients, their CISOs, and their on how best to approach a security transformation with this in mind.

The white paper has 5 main chapters:

  • Prepare your company culture for cloud security
  • Evolve how your company works
  • Evolve key security roles and responsibilities
  • Design your security operating model
  • Identify cloud security best practices