Unleashing the Power of the Cloud in Healthcare

The cloud: Driving healthcare organizations forward on their digital journeys

The fact that the healthcare industry is gravitating toward the cloud is not that surprising when considering the storage, scalability, and collaboration benefits that the technology can bring to computing initiatives.

The use of technologies such as electronic health records, medical imaging, and IoT devices is bringing more data into the healthcare industry than ever before.

All this information can potentially help your healthcare organisation to deliver better care and enhanced experiences to patients.

In this white paper discover how healthcare organisations can move on their digital journeys.

This e-book provides insight into how healthcare organizations can use the cloud to provide better patient experiences; tap into the potential associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning; meet the challenges that come with the move toward precision medicine — and move forward with confidence when it comes to compliance, patient care, and data security.

Table of content: 

  • The cloud: Driving healthcare organisations forward on their digital journeys
  • Security in the cloud
  • Driving better patient experiences
  • Priming your organisation for AI and ML
  • Beyond the precision medicine hype
  • Case study: Emory University and early detection of sepsis
  • How to jump start your digital transformation