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5 ways to build a strong organisational culture with knowledge sharing

In this article, you will explore how knowledge sharing can help build a strong organisational culture, establish trust within the company and encourage employees to interact and get to know one another.

1. Set a safe and healthy work environment

It encourages a test-and-learn approach, enables an open dialogue as everyone is allowed to make mistakes, ask questions, and learn from each other. Knowledge sharing sets a positive work environment and helps build trust amongst employees and the company.

Allow employees to contribute to knowledge sharing and build upon the work of experts by allowing them to flag outdated content and contribute simple knowledge elements, such as lexicon entries

2. Preserve knowledge within the organisation

According to NetSuite reporting, every year, a company will experience on average, 18% turnover in its workforce. Maintaining a rich knowledge base culture ensures that even after an employee’s departure, the information shared is never lost. The knowledge stays within the organisation and is available for current and future employees to use.

Identify more than one expert contributor per knowledge type (ex. HR documentation) wherever possible. Treat these expert contributors as a group, with shared editing rights on content.

3. Boost productivity and creativity

As employees are encouraged to share freely across departments, this often results in the implementation of new creative solutions which ultimately enables them to work smarter and more efficiently. Knowledge sharing helps build a learning culture, entices curiosity and increases creativity. 

For more informal knowledge sharing, promote communities where experts may share their knowledge in one quick post – preferably using rich media !

4. Encourage a culture of collaboration

Collaboration is at the core of a knowledge-sharing culture. A collaborative working environment brings a sense of belonging, employees feel connected as they are working together to achieve a common goal. 

Reward employees who contribute, by assigning them expertise badges showing up on their profile 

5. Help retain talent and drive performance

The right knowledge-sharing strategy will inspire, empower and enable employees to grow with all the tools and information available right at their fingertips to ensure they are on the road to success.

Make sure to incorporate knowledge sharing goals in the strategic corporate vision as well as in the employee’s individual targets

Bring these 5 ways to enforce knowledge sharing to action with LumApps

LumApps helps build a strong organisational culture. It drives and empowers employees by providing not only great knowledge-sharing management but also creating a more personalised employee journey.

The solution constantly strives to develop new features to enhance cross-team collaboration and build key company moments. Our internal communication experts know that any digital transformation begins and ends with the employee experience.  It is then vital for companies to achieve a cohesive and transparent internal communication whilst providing an engaging and personalised employee experience.

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