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7 reasons Chromebooks are digitally transforming the healthcare industry

Many healthcare organisations have already said goodbye to the traditional, often impractical, complicated and time-consuming ways of conducting their day-to-day work. They wanted to simplify their working lives and as such, have opted to ‘go digital’ with Chromebooks. These devices offer countless advantages for healthcare workers in modern healthcare work settings, offering mobility, reliability and convenience, compared to their old-school counterparts. Let’s take a deeper look into a number of benefits Chromebooks have to offer workers in the healthcare industry.


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What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops or tablets using the Google Chrome OS operating system so they primarily feature Google Workspace applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

Chromebooks are:

  • budget-friendly, durable, versatile and lightweight alternatives to Windows laptops or MacBooks.
  • designed to improve productivity tasks, making them ideal for use in busy healthcare environments.
  • saving valuable time for healthcare workers on the frontline and patients in need of care by offering cloud-based data sharing and a centralised platform for secure management and implementation. 

They can be shared by several users via encrypted cloud platforms meaning healthcare staff can gain access to their files across many devices. Boot times are also hugely reduced because files are not stored locally. For example, Acer Chromebooks only take 10 seconds to boot and are always on standby. 

Why choose Chromebooks in healthcare?

Chromebook devices are helping to digitally transform the healthcare industry. But how exactly?

These devices offer countless advantages for healthcare workers in modern healthcare work settings, offering mobility, reliability and convenience, compared to their old-school counterparts.

Modern-day healthcare staff have never been more aware of the importance of security, mobility, flexibility and the benefits of technology in their day-to-day working lives. In today’s notoriously fast-paced and demanding work environments, healthcare workers need to be equipped with the necessary technology to help them excel at their jobs and ultimately, provide the best patient care possible. Chromebooks can do and are doing just that!

Here are some important benefits of Chromebooks for healthcare organisations:

1. Greater control

Self-service kiosks and digital signage utilising Chromebooks can help patients keep track of their appointments or their next steps in real-time. Chromebooks typically have large touchscreens, making them easily visible and usable for all healthcare employees and patients.Chromebooks in healthcare - control 2.0 

  • Patients can check-in to hospitals themselves by utilising these self-service kiosks, saving healthcare workers precious time and energy for the most important tasks at hand. 
  • Digital signage can also be used in doctor’s clinics, for example, to inform patients of their estimated waiting time, in real-time. 

2. Enhanced security

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Healthcare workers and patients need to know that their sensitive healthcare data, such as patient’s files and X-rays, are managed securely. Luckily, security is at the heart of the Chromebook’s operating system so patient’s confidential, personal information and privacy is protected at all times.

Chromebooks contain a brilliant piece of technology called Chrome OS. This technology provides integrated protection against malware, ransomware, viruses, spam and hackers.

Security is built into the Chromebook system so there is no need to update the Chrome OS, it runs automatically in the background, saving time while also ensuring maximum security. 

3. Military-grade durability

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Chromebooks are lightweight but have robust and military-grade durability, therefore wearing well in fast-paced healthcare work environments.

Although the design is extremely sturdy and durable, Chromebooks appear professional-looking, minimal and sleek, blending in seamlessly with modern medical healthcare settings.

As a result of this durability, there is no need to worry about Chromebooks falling off a patient’s bed or tumbling from your workstation. They are also water-resistant and dust-proof so they are suitable for daily use on hospital wards, in clinics and care homes. 

4. Increased flexibility

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Healthcare staff can be less restricted to fixed desks and can get easy access to applications and virtual clinical software regardless of when and where they are using Chromebooks.

Chromebook’s fast and wireless connection means healthcare teams can focus on the tasks that really matter, without being tied down to a specific place. 

5. Time-saving

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Chromebooks, for example Acer Chrombooks, can boot within 10 seconds and be kept on standby while still maintaining optimal battery life, saving valuable time for healthcare workers on the frontline and patients in need of urgent care.

This quick booting time can also help to improve team speed and efficiency because files are not stored locally and can therefore be accessed 24/7 and on the move. 

6. Cost-efficiency

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Chromebooks are an affordable option that can improve operational efficiency and make training more accessible with shared Chrome devices and cloud-based resources.

For example, the cost of investing in 10x Acer Chromebooks 314-C933 LTE Chromebooks for your healthcare organisation is drastically lower (€3,990) than purchasing 10x Acer Aspire C27-962 I7511 All-in-One desktop computers (€13,490)*.

Chromebooks are easy to use, making implementation throughout healthcare organisations and employee adoption faster.

7. Storage space in the cloud

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With a Chromebook, all files are in the cloud and healthcare workers can access them 24/7. The Chromebook also provides real-time, automatic backups of healthcare data in the cloud. 

With these guaranteed and reliable backups, healthcare staff don’t need to worry about important files going missing, hardware failure, power loss or data breaches as they can simply restore this information resulting in overall less disruption to patient care.

Chrome Enterprise provides Chrome OS and the Chrome browser needed to cloud-power every healthcare organisation. 

Acer Chromebooks in Healthcare

Acer Chromebooks come in various shapes and specifications. Depending on the model, the battery lasts between 10 and 14 hours with just one charge, making them a reliable workplace companion for healthcare professionals. With a touchscreen and keyboard, Acer Chromebooks are versatile and suitable for all types of technology users, caregivers and patients.

Acer Chromebook’s future-proof processing means:

  • Low power consumption
  • Responsive software
  • Smoother and faster running of daily tasks

Specifically, the Acer 314-C933 LTE Chromebook has a 14-inch touchscreen, fast wireless connection, a battery life of 12.5 hours, a shock-absorbing bumper design and weighs 1.5kg. By entering our contest, you could win 10x of these impressive devices for your healthcare organisation. 

Updated Acer (314) Chromebook Contest image

In collaboration with Acer, Fourcast by Devoteam are giving away 10x Acer 314-C933 LTE Chromebooks, 10x Chrome Enterprise Upgrades (for one year) and a personalised cupcake box to one lucky healthcare organisation to digitally transform their workplace. To enter, simply nominate your organisation and tell us why it would benefit from going digital with Acer Chromebooks. It only takes 2 minutes to enter so grab your chance now. 

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In today’s demanding healthcare environments, healthcare professionals need to be provided with the necessary digital tools to optimise performance so they provide the best possible care to patients. 

Now that you know how beneficial Chromebooks can be within the healthcare industry, why not discover firsthand the power of ‘going digital’ with Acer Chromebooks in your healthcare organisation?

Discover all the Google Solutions for your healthcare organisation here.