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Chrome devices for Work, Chromeworld

Chromebooks are booming business in the consumer market, no doubt about that. They are best sellers on the big e-commerce platforms such as amazon and the Dutch player

Before we go ahead, let’s explain chromebooks a little bit more. It’s a disruptive new kind computer that is supersonic fast, boots in 8 seconds and is optimized to work with everything accessible through the internet, nearly everything nowadays. You can even access your favorite web-apps offline. It has built in security, and oh yes the average chromebook costs about €300. The reasons why it is that popular is pretty obvious….

Chrome devices in the business world

ChromebookLike always, businesses are slower in adopting new technologies. That’s normal for some. They are risk averse, they want to see how it further develops and once tons of businesses adopt it, they will think about it as well.
Others immediately see the value, adopt it and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.
The fact is that Chromebooks are taking off in the work environment for tons of different use cases, and fast… Chrome devices in the work environment have the same advantages as in the consumer environment and they have some extra use cases such as kiosks, digitial signage and HD video meetings.

Interested in cutting your costs, becoming more efficient and gaining a competitive advantage? Sure? If so, you are officially invited to get to know Chrome devices for work during an event @Google offices in Brussels on April the 2nd from 2pm-5pm.

Register via the this form , and check out the details of the event on

See you soon at Chromeworld 2015!