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Louis Delhaize Delfood transforming by going Google

There is a movement in Belgium and it’s not the smallest one….more and more companies are adopting Google Apps for Work and leaving their legacy systems behind.

The reasons why companies go Google varies, and some are pretty damn exciting.

Louis Delhaize delfood is a great example. They chose Google Apps for Work as a strategic move to change the culture within the organisation.

“Until now it wasn’t easy to let information flow from the stores to headquarters and therefore we needed a tool that makes direct communication a lot easier” says CEO Jean-Marc Van Cutsem.

Louis Delhaize deflood wants to involve the people of the stores more by giving them the opportunity to share their hands-on experience directly with marketing, and giving them the opportunity to exchange ideas between stores via Google+. Being able to communicate and react incredibly fast to the customers’ needs is crucial in today’s business.

Internally they also quickly discovered the collaborative power of Google Drive. Instead of having to wait until someone else completes the spreadsheet and makes it available on the internal file server, they can now seamlessly collaborate in real-time and get things done faster.

Existing Google Apps customers think it’s obvious, but what a luxury it is for companies that come from another system….

It’s just getting started…

Now everyone at louis delhaize is getting used to the tools it’s time to further optimize daily processes that can be facilitated with Google Apps for Work. The opportunities are endless….but where do we start?

Once a company has gone Google, it’s important to analyze the current business processes and see what can be facilitated with the default possibilities of Google Apps. Could it be solved with Google forms, Google Drive, Hangouts…?

Some processes can’t be digitized with the default functionalities of Google Apps…luckily Google is a very open platform that lets you build on top of Google Apps giving you an enormous amount of possibilities.

Those who are afraid of choosing an innovative platform, get out of your comfort zone! Your organisation will need to do the same to survive during the digital disruption that has already started. Prepare and be ready.

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