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From zero to Cloud Digital Leader: a complete guide

Google has recently released a new certification. This certification is a very good entry point into Google Cloud Platform both for technical, commercial or managerial roles. This article is a quick guide on how you need to prepare in order to pass the Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification. 


  1. Focus on the Why
  2. Focus on the How
  3. GCP Documentation
  4. Read the official study guide
  5. Watch Youtube videos
  6. Test you knowledge
  7. Be ready to pass the Exam

1. Know your Why with Google Courses or Coursera

Very well described by Google in the Cloud Digital Leader Exam Guide, a Cloud Digital Leader “can articulate the capabilities of Google Cloud core products and services and how they benefit organizations.” 

In a nutshell, a Cloud Digital Leader has to understand why and how to efficiently apply the cloud solutions to the common business cases. If you are not familiar with cloud providers, you definitely need to start with these essentials. 

The first step is to focus on why to leverage cloud solutions to drive business growth. To have this great overview for Google Cloud platform (GCP) you can follow 

2. Deep dive into Google Cloud Platform

You did a great job understanding the Why so everything is on track. Yet, in my opinion, with the resources above, you will not be ready to pass the Cloud Digital Leader Certification. 
To focus on the How and be ready to pass your exam, I highly advise you the brilliant Google Cloud Digital Leader course by ExamPro. This has also been made available for free on Youtube in a compact format.

3. Go through the GCP documentation 

You probably have bad experiences with documentation. If you already experience the attention to detail Google puts into its documentations, then you know how informative and user-friendly they are. 

It is a useful habit to refer to it as soon as a question comes up or when you want details about a service.


4. Read the official study guide for the Cloud Digital Leader exam

Then if you consider passing your exam you definitely have to go through the Official Google Cloud Digital Leader Study Guide. My advice here is to read each single point and for each concept, check your knowledge by writing down everything you can remember. You can even challenge yourself to guess the certification questions.

5. Diversify your learning path watching Youtube videos

Some of the concepts of the Cloud may be challenging to assimilate. It is also likely that some of the GCP services are still unclear to you. Don’t be afraid to go on Youtube to find other very qualitative resources. I personally found it very informative

6. Test your knowledge

Last step is to test your knowledge with the sample questions

There are really very few questions and they are simpler than the actual questions on the exam. Yet as you will notice, the exam will also not be easy to pass since the questions require a good understanding of the business implications. You will have to pay attention to the details and choose the most efficient option in a business context when several solutions can be valid.
ExamPro provides a free set of additional questions ( by creating an account) to practice for the day of the exam. 

7. Be ready for D-Day

You should now be ready to pass your exam. Review your notes, relax and everything will go fine. Be sure to take the time to read, to identify all the elements of the context that lead to an appropriate answer. This choice of answer is business oriented and not technical, so you must choose the most efficient option according to the given context.
It is possible to take your exam remotely. If it is your first time with the Kriterion platform, I recommend you to see this video. It will give you the information to check the compatibility of your computer and your environment so that you have no bad surprises on the exam day. 

Good luck!

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