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Google Classroom: the educational platform for your onboarding needs

Google Classroom provides solutions for your company's onboarding process. Find out more.

A great Chinese proverb says: “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”

Google has made sure that learning is a key component of its ecosystem. Whether for students or employees, everyone can keep learning. It has encompassed the accessibility, the teaching and the learning agility all within their learning platform: Google Classroom!

Google Classroom is an education platform from Google that was initially created for schools but ended up solving problems of companies in the midst of their digital transformation. How? By providing solutions for their onboarding process. 

You might be wondering: what’s in it for your company?

As businesses move to the hybrid world, the need for a platform where employees can be easily onboarded becomes bigger. This is where Google Classroom comes in handy.

It provides an ecosystem that fulfills the need but also gives employees the hands-on Google experience. 

What better way for an employee to be onboarded within the Google ecosystem than by using Google Classroom? They learn to use the Google communication and collaboration tools by the same occasion.

Last but not least, Google Classroom is not limited to onboarding employees with regards to Google Workspace, but also many other topics.  Hence the importance of a single unified ecosystem.

What does the experience look like?

Visually speaking, Google Classroom is consistent with the user-friendliness of Google. From the home page to the course room, nothing is out of order.

On the homepage, all the classes your employees are registered for are listed, such as onboarding, technical courses, etc. The content of these classes can be accessed from there.

Classes are divided into three sections:

  1. Stream: This is where announcements are made, allowing employees to access new material from specific classes. 
  2. Classwork: All the material, content and exams can be found here. This is the core of the classroom where employees can learn the necessary information.
  3. People: Your employees can see who is attending a class and the teacher’s contact information.

One of the most important aspects of Google Classroom is the creation of the material. 

Being able to provide adequate material to employees is key. From a simple question to complex assignments, Classroom covers it all. 

Moreover, all the following material can be organized into different topics:

  1. Assignment
  2. Quiz assignment
  3. Question
  4. Material 

The creation of material is key and this is where Google Classroom is strong: it isn’t time-consuming nor demanding. 

When creating material, there are a couple of aspects that are important to define: 

  • The title of the material created
  • Instructions for the material, if any
  • Attach documents if necessary
  • Classify it accordingly
  • Due dates to complete assignments if applicable

The Good Care Group, a UK-based company, provides home care services for people in the UK, such as nursing care and home services. They wanted to simplify their onboarding process and were able to do so thanks to Google Classroom.

Ever since our organization’s switch to Gmail a couple of years ago, Google Workspace and its constituent applications have become the very basis of the way we work. We’re a very open and collaborative company, with lots of cross-departmental working and information sharing in a home/ office/ international setup. The range of functionality and ease of use within Google Workspace is therefore ideal for us and Classroom has been the perfect way to make extensive learning available to colleagues who either haven’t worked in Google Workspace before or who have only had limited exposure. As a Training Manager, I meet all new head office employees, as part of their induction process. All I need to do is invite them to our Classroom at this stage, and they instantly have access to all the training they need for the other Google Workspace applications that we use. Depending on people’s prior experience, they can review all the key functionalities, or they can focus on areas where they feel less confident. It’s therefore great for new employees who are getting used to the way we work, but it’s also great for existing team members to freshen up, or upskill themselves on tools they don’t often use. Setup and implementation were easy and drama-free, so Classroom has gone down well across the board at The Good Care Group.

This is only a short overview of Google Classroom and what it offers you.

Would you like to improve your onboarding experience both for yourself and your new employees? The tool has many more features and possibilities! Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through our solutions.