G Suite: Beyond Productivity.

by Jeremy Bonnevalle, on Nov 2, 2016 1:21:06 PM

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data are probably the most popular buzzwords of the last couple of months. For most, it stays buzz, and maybe annoying. Most people don’t realize that the introduction of these technologies are the start of an era where the way people interact with computers (if these will continue to exist?) will completely shift. 

If you’re talking about productivity tools, artificial intelligence will make obvious decisions for you Administrative tasks will be automated in such a way that people will only focus on added value activities and the busyness of today’s world is being reduced. With the rebranding a couple of weeks ago, G Suite has been bombed with new features where artificial intelligence is at the core of each feature. It’s honestly only now that we have some of the underneath examples that I realize where this is going.

How is the work of our G Suite customers being automated at this time?

Presentations being styled for you


When creating a presentation, how much time do you spend on content and how much time do you spend on layout? If you spend 95% of your time on content at the moment, your presentations either only have bullet points or you have an external agency that styles your presentations. If you’re creating nice presentations, you spend quite some time on layout, it’s just a fact.

With the explore function in Google Slides, the styling is done for you. Just throw in some content and a picture and let the explore button do the work for you.

The information you want at the time you want


Searching for and gathering information is a top drain on employees’ time. In fact, up to a full day per week can be spent on this alone. Quick Access in Drive on Android will make the most relevant files to the work you’re doing easily accessible. Based on signals like your interaction with colleagues, recurring meetings and activity in Drive, machine learning helps Drive understand the rhythm of your workday and offers the files you need before you even ask.


Create forms in minutes

screenshot-2016-11-02-at-12-21-11Google Forms have saved tons of people, tons of time. It gives people the opportunity to gather information in a structured manner reducing manual consolidation to a maximum. Artificial Intelligence made it even easier to create forms because your answer type and answer options will automatically be suggested depending on the question you ask.

What’s next

Not sure if I’m dreaming, but Google Home and the Google Assistant technology behind it will probably replace computers for a lot of people in the future. At the moment you still need a computer as a workaround to get the necessary information. In the future you’ll be able to communicate directly with your personal assistant to get the information you want at the time you need it.

Enjoy the ride!

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