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Here comes the Marketing lady – Introducing Liesbeth Hermans

Our team keeps on growing with the company, and that is also the goal of our new hire Liesbeth Hermans. She’ll be filling in a role that didn’t exist at Fourcast up until now: the one of Digital Marketing Manager, and she was happy to write the following introduction.

Who is Liesbeth?

Hello everyone, I’m Liesbeth, the new Digital Marketing Manager at Fourcast. I’m very proud to be the very first dedicated marketing Fourcaster ever! This year was already a big year for me: I turned 30, moved to Heverlee (nearby Leuven) and of course a highlight is the start of this Fourcast adventure.

What makes me smile? Coffee, sun, traveling, a dinner with friends and… writing. In my free time I experiment with photography and I play futsal in a fun competition without referees.

About a year and a half ago, I made a career switch from being a journalist in tv productions, mainly documentaries, to starting out as a newbie Marketing & Communications Manager at an IT startup. Every day I had to push myself to learn not only the skills needed for that kind of challenging MarCom role, but also the technical jargon. Of course I needed that tech knowledge to understand what the company was doing and to communicate with my developer colleagues.

That deep dive into the tech world was so enjoyable to me that I decided to immerse myself further, to gain more expertise in marketing and technology and simply to go for it!

Why Fourcast?

So that’s how I got attracted to Fourcast, with whom I share a passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology, and a dynamic mindset. I also like the visionary eye on the future and the clear course towards growth of the company, to which I believe I can contribute as a digital marketer. I’m happy to join Fourcast in all of these values and the mission to improve the way people work by getting businesses and people to “Go Google”. Bonuses for me are the team of clearly talented and motivated colleagues, and not to forget the nice office :-).

Best about Google?

The way Google is transforming how people and businesses work and communicate is mindblowing. Personally I even can’t imagine anymore not working in the Cloud with Google apps like Sheets, Docs and Drive. And of course I couldn’t live without all the unmissable marketing tools Google offers, like Google Analytics and AdWords just to name a few. They really make my life as a marketer easier and broaden the possibilities and success of digital marketing activities significantly.