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New Google Cloud engineer spotted: Welcome Kevin!

Our technical Google Cloud team is on a roll and expanding rapidly with new tech talent. We’re happy to welcome this new Google Cloud engineer to our team: here is the introduction of Kevin Serrano. Welcome Kevin!

Kevin Serrano Fourcast
Short bio

Hi, I’m Kevin, new Google Cloud engineer at Fourcast.

I was born in Neuchatel, a small city in the french part of Switzerland and I moved to Belgium a few years ago.

After getting my master degree in computer science at the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Switzerland, I came to Belgium and started to work as a Security/Software engineer for a French startup in Brussels.

In my spare time, I like to gather with people, enjoy a nice meal in local restaurants and play different kind of games: board games, video games, card games, etc.. I also like to experiment and cook different recipes at home.

Why Fourcast ?

After almost four years in my previous company, I wanted to expand my knowledge about new technologies outside of my comfort zone. So I decided to look for a company who cares about its people, promotes personal development and has new technological challenges.

That’s how I found Fourcast. It quickly became a real opportunity for me and I was convinced joining Fourcast was the right thing to do.

Best about Google ?

Most people know Google for its search engine and other services such as Gmail. However, let’s not forget that Google is also a major contributor to open source software : Android, Chromium, Tensorflow, and many more.

Google’s release of Kubernetes changed Cloud hosting forever, and has enabled innovation and competition across the Cloud industry.

This is what’s best about Google : they are a leader in innovation and engineers around the world can take advantages of their +20 years experiences in the industry.

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