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How to engage your workforce with a full Google experience

Yes, Digital transformation is everywhere. All businesses are ‘going digital’ like it’s the new hype. But not all digital transformations are a success. There are many different factors interfering with moving your company and workplace to the Cloud. Digital transformation and building a digital workplace is not only moving all your IT applications to the Cloud. It involves re-educating your employees on working with these new tools and rethinking the way they are working.

In this post, I’ll explore how enterprises like yours are creating this true digital workplace by leveraging Google Cloud technology like G Suite and integrated business apps like AODocs & LumApps.

Digital Workplace Digital transformation with G Suite

I’ll show you how you will have to change the way your company works in the Cloud, while keeping the same attention to your business processes and security. That is, if you want to create a digital workplace where you improve collaboration and communication.

And where you engage your workforce with easy-to-use, integrated Google apps they will love using: a full Google experience! 

A different working culture

More and more companies are moving to Google Cloud, also to create a digital workplace.

Google’s office collaboration suite G Suite is no longer only used by private accounts but as well by the business. In companies where employees are using G Suite as their day to day suite of applications, with apps like Gmail, Drive and Calendar, we see a different working culture.

Employees are no longer working within their department or silo only, they are working together, sharing their knowledge and building innovation within their own teams.

As a result Google’s G Suite is the tool for making your workforce more productive and efficient. 

Integrated Document Management System to replace legacy systems

AO Docs Integrated Document Management System

As many companies have built their own databases, reports and even workflow systems, replacing your legacy systems with Google Drive is not always possible. If you are looking for an integrated Google way to manage your business records, simplify your business processes and/or integrate with your business, you need AODocs

AODocs is the Document Management System recommended by Google to replace your legacy systems. As AODocs provides a layer on top of G Suite, your employees can continue to work with Gmail, Drive and the editors. They will have access to additional functionalities like metadata, workflows, notifications emails and many more.

Since AODocs uses Google Drive as storage, you can upload any format and even edit them with the software installed on your device thanks to the Universal File Opener (UFO).

One-stop-shop for employee information and systems

You’re almost there: you’re almost providing the full Google experience in your digital workplace. Employees are working more efficient and productive with G Suite and the legacy systems have been replaced by AODocs libraries and workflows. Innovation and automation are in place.

LumApps Visual

Now what if you could have a one-stop-shop targeted to every employee to provide them with the systems and personalised information they need every day? 

Imagine your finance employees are provided every morning with the latest reports on invoices from the DMS or relevant RSS feeds, your sales reps are presented with the newest version of product slides validated yesterday by marketing and the C-levels can see immediately their Calendar with all related documents for their meetings linked right in the agenda event.

Sounds attractive, right? 

LumApps logo

Every employee has different tasks and needs, and uses different systems. With LumApps you can get a social and personalised intranet for your employees. LumApps is recommended by Google as a collaborative intranet and integrates seamlessly with G Suite. 

Now you have it all! A collaborative suite of tools based on G Suite with additional functionalities provided by AODocs that hosts now all your core business applications. And a way for your employees to easily access this all on your LumApps intranet. 

No information lost with Google Cloud Search


Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search is like the glue between all of this.

As the LumApps Search functionality integrates with Google Cloud Search as well as AODocs, your employees can leverage the Search on their social intranet to look for and find information.

All of that just by using one search engine that crawls any application (in the Cloud and on prem) they are using.

Adding secure and scalable user end points with Chromebooks

Chromebooks as User end points

As we already said, a digital transformation not only means moving your IT applications to the Cloud, but rethinking the way your company works and is organised in general. Let’s have a look at your organisation’s devices like laptops, smartphones, … . How many tickets does your IT helpdesk receive from end users about issues with their device? How much time do they spend on solving these problems? And how much does this cost your company on a yearly base? 

You don’t have to make the calculation as I’m sure you’ll agree that there should be an easier way to maintain employee devices and updates. And yes there is: it’s the Chromebook. A Chromebook is a laptop running on nothing else than Chrome OS. You’re using nothing more than the Chrome Browser to perform any task or install an Android application. This way your end users can’t do much wrong themselves, as it’s a saying that many issues are between the device and the user using it.

So back to your IT team, from the Google Admin console (which they are already using with G Suite), they can manage both the organisation’s Chromebooks and Android/iOS devices. The choice for a Chromebook is an advantage for your end users and the IT team, and reduces costs as well. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Going above and beyond with chatbots

Chatbot Google Digital Workplace

You’ve set the path for automation and innovation, and you might have rolled out Chromebooks for your employees to use.

If you really want to go all-in and leverage all of your innovations you should add a chatbot to your intranet. All of your business information exists in the Cloud which makes it very easy to set up a chatbot. You’ll reduce even more the time spent on helpdesk tickets as the bot will automatically resolve lots of them already for you. 

And this, my friend, is how we can provide your company’s workplace with a full Google Experience. By ‘going Google’ and choosing applications that natively integrate with G Suite, you’re changing your IT infrastructure. At the same time you’re immediately providing a more productive and innovative workplace for your end users. Making their work-life even easier when managing the Chromebooks and smartphones from the same Admin Console, and providing a chatbot so employees can actually work from any device, anywhere and anytime they want. 

Interested and want to know more? Join one of our upcoming G Suite or Chrome events!

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