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November 28, 2023 - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm UTC+2

Oslo Generative AI Hackathon

Google Office Oslo

Are you ready to dive into the world of Generative AI and discover the latest techniques to improve your prompting? Join this one-day hackathon and experience the power of this technology firsthand by creating your POC. 

Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team from your company comprising both business and technical users to tackle your own real-world challenges with Google Cloud Gen AI solutions. The promise? You’ll leave with a POC that will generate a significant impact on your business.

Here are some ideas that you could tackle during this Gen AI hackathon: 

  • Build a Shopping Assistant that generates personalised product recommendations based on user preferences and past interactions, 
  • Create a Customer Service solution that employs Generative AI to craft human-like responses, enhancing customer interactions and support.
  • Develop a Coding Assistant that assists programmers by generating code snippets for enhanced development velocity.
  • Design a Travel Planner that leverages Generative AI to curate personalised travel itineraries, taking into account individual preferences and interests.
  • Does this not match your business? Generate ideas for your own company with the AI Discovery Engine here

What will you get out of this hackathon day?

  • Create a Proof of Concept 
  • Gain a deep understanding of Generative AI technologies and their potential impact on businesses.
  • Discover and prioritise use cases using our ICE scoring system.
  • Gain experience on how to develop Generative AI solutions using Google’s Vertex AI product suite.
  • Ensure alignment between technical solutions and business objectives.
  • Explore the road to production for Generative AI products.
  • Network and collaborate with Googlers, Devoteamers and participants from various industries. 

Who is it for?

The Gen AI Hackathon is for everyone with a passion for technology and business. While it’s not mandatory, we recommend creating a multi-discplinary team that includes both business and technical users. Bringing together a diverse group will help you develop innovative and impactful Generative AI solutions that address your real business challenges. 

How you can build your dream-team: 

  • Business users that can benefit from the Gen AI Hackathon include process owners or product owners who possess in-depth knowledge of the process you want to build an AI application for. It is also valuable to bring a colleague who is familiar with the data and can evaluate the outcome. Include these profiles to enhance the team’s capabilities and creativity: customer experience managers, product managers, sales and marketing professionals, supply chain managers, human resources professionals, retail managers etc. All these profiles can explore how Generative AI can revolutionise their respective fields and bring innovation to their businesses. 
  • Technical users: Any technical profile with some experience in Google Cloud is encouraged to participate. This includes ML engineers, data engineers, and software engineers. While specific ML expertise is not required, having a team member comfortable with code and Python can be to your advantage. 

Other pre-requisites: 

  • For a smooth and efficient hackathon, it’s recommended to have your data readily available. Make sure to have all your datasets ready to go, so you can begin building your Gen AI model without worrying about data engineering. You’ll receive all instructions after signing up. 
  • Organise a quick internal brainstorming session to generate use cases relevant to your business. Feel free to use Devoteam’s AI Discovery Engine to generate potential AI-cases tailored to your business.


Registration and Welcome
A Teaser into Generative AI with Google Cloud

Discover the infinite possibilities of Generative AI technologies in this introduction. Explore the precise tech you will be using, including how to apply prompt engineering, few-shot prompting, and fine tuning with Gen AI. You’ll also dive into Google specialised models like PaLM 2.0, and products like the Generative AI App Builder. 

Use Cases Discovery Session

In this session, you and your team mates will identify potential business use cases for Generative AI. Embrace your creativity and bring your preliminary ideas to the table. Together, we will refine your concepts. We’ll use the ICE (Impact, Confidence, Effort) scoring system, to help you prioritise the most promising use cases. By the end of the session, each group will have a defined scope for their selected use case. 

Gen AI Working Sessions with check-ins

Throughout the day, you and your team will be fully immersed in working on your Gen AI use-case and building a proof of concept (POC). You can expect guidance and support on both technical and business matters. For technical profiles, engineers from Devoteam and Google will provide check-ins with in-depth training on leveraging Google’s Generative AI technologies effectively. For business profiles: we’ll conduct hourly check-ins to ensure proper assessment and alignment with the business impact of your POC.

Gen AI Working Sessions with check-ins
Gen AI Working Sessions with check-ins
Discover how to get your app ready for production

Learn about Google’s offers and find out how to implement guardrails to ensure your Gen AI app functions flawlessly within its boundaries. Experts will share techniques that guarantee a successful and seamless transition to production. 

Showtime: Presentations and Live Demos

Present your POC to the jury, including Googlers and Devoteamers, and inspire other teams when you present your impactful use case and share how you’ve built it technically. Each team will present their use-case in 3-5 minutes and show a live-demo in 5-7 min.

Will you win?

The jury will select a winner, will you take the Bard Award home in this Gen AI battle?

Drinks & dinner

Join us for an exciting day of exploration, collaboration, and innovation at the Gen AI Hackathon. Together, we will unlock the potential of Generative AI and create groundbreaking solutions. Register now to secure your spot!

November 28, 2023 - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm UTC+2

Oslo Generative AI Hackathon