Increase Operational Efficiency with Document AI

Reduce Manual Effort, unlock insights & Accelerate Business Innovation

Are you handling a high volume of documents? Sitting on a document goldmine from invoices, credit documents, loan documents, investment documents, quality reports to financial documentation and mortgages?

Processing the information from these documents into other systems is often still a manual, time-consuming, and tedious job. This comes with a huge financial cost. What if there is a better alternative? How can you solve the hassle of accessing your content from one database? Document AI is there to help!

What will you learn in this online event?

  • How to better collect, manage & analyse financial data to meet critical enrollment timelines
  • How to increase the quality & efficiency of the process while significantly reducing costs
  • How do you make unstructured information (invoices, insurance papers, etc.) structured in an automatic way?
  • How did other organisations leverage Document AI to solve for these challenges?
  • How to implement Document AI practically in your organisation?

Discover how Google’s Document AI enables you to analyse unstructured text and derive valuable insights. Explore how Doc AI gives you a 2.5x higher “straight through” (no human reviews) rate than other OCR/ templates & a 60% lower TCO.

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  • Challenges that Financial companies are facing today
  • How can you solve these challenges with Document AI?
  • Explore AI capabilities & how they help process documents 
  • Discover how other organisations are using Document AI – 
  • Document AI Demo
  • Q&A 

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