How to Improve Operational Efficiency in Manufacturing?

Keynote Manufacturing with Valon Rexhepi and Stijn Floren

How can Manufacturers continue to reduce costs and boost operational efficiency in 2021 and beyond? 

That’s the question a lot of Manufacturers are asking themselves these days. A need for operational efficiency in Manufacturing isn’t new, but the pandemic has certainly brought a much stronger focus as the world adjusts to new routines. No matter the size of your manufacturing company, operational efficiency is an important factor for the effectivity of your business. 

As business agility and resilience become increasingly important, manufacturers are rapidly shifting and making Industry 5.0 a top priority.

What are you solving for? Where do you as a Manufacturer need help or what are you trying to enable for the future? How to make a technology choice that you don’t regret in 1 or 2 or 3 years from now?

In this 20-min Keynote you’ll Discover the different Key Trends in Manufacturing and How you as an IT Leader can jump in on these trends.

  1. Security and compliance
  2. New business models
  3. Smart IOT/Edge is (still) the Big Thing
  4. Manufacturers Gain Greater Visibility into Big Data
  5. Virtual workforce
  6. The Push for Digital Transformation Continues

More than 2/5 manufacturers have increased their use of data and analytics, digital productivity tools, and cloud platforms.

What about you?

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  • What are the key trends within Manufacturing?
  • How to become a customer centric data driven manufacturer that drives operational improvement?
  • How can Google play a role within Manufacturing? 
  • Why should you partner up with Google Cloud & Google Premier Partner Devoteam G Cloud?

For who?

  • IT managers
  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • CEOs
  • Digital Transformation Managers
  • Decision makers in Manufacturing organisations

Future Forward 

As you consider how to weather the road ahead, you may need to make tough decisions about how to allocate resources.

Learn which Google Cloud solutions work best to optimise your manufacturing business. 

Operational Efficiency in Manufacturing - were here to help