Explore AI & ML

Re-watch the session about AI & ML at the Devoteam G Cloud Days: The Next Wave of Innovation

Explore AI & ML

Whether you’re new to AI & ML or an IT expert who’s curious about how AI & ML can advance your mission faster, lower costs, or reveal new insights, in this session, you’ll learn about how organisations just like you are applying these technologies in 2021. 

This session is designed to spark new ideas for your business and innovators just like you. Discover how you can build and deploy AI & ML solutions for your organisation.

Gain valuable insights about how this technology of AI & ML is making organisations take the digital step.

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  • Leveraging the power of AI & ML
  • How can organisations in Europe leverage machine learning to advance their missions?
  • Key Innovation, Revenue Generating and Cost Savings Opportunities for AI/ML in the Enterprise
  • Why AI-powered business intelligence is a critical investment for modern insights-driven businesses
  • Google Cloud’s AI Adoption Framework
  • Discover Vertex AI & Learn how to build, deploy, and scale ML models faster, with pre-trained and custom tooling within a unified AI platform
  • AI/ML Enterprise Customer Use Cases
  • Live Demo