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Vertex AI Accelerator

Bring machine learning models to production and adopt MLOps best practices thanks to a curated collection of reusable templates.

Grow your business with production ready machine learning

Our Vertex AI Foundations set a solid base for machine learning on GCP, minimising the effort required to bring projects to production. Focus on model development and delivering business value. Let the Foundations take care of compliance with MLOps and LLMOps best practices.:

  • Infrastructure as code templates to set up your GCP environment in just a few minutes
  • Python code templates to build reusable ML pipelines and components
  • Generative AI application templates to combine Google’s powerful models with your own data
  • Based on open source technology to limit vendor lock in where possible

Devoteam G Cloud’s Vertex AI solution has exceeded all expectations, and they were already high. This will make a big difference in the direction of FUGA in the data space… Gerrit Theron – Head of Data Engineering at FUGA

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Why is this accelerator useful for me?

  • Deliver value quickly: thanks to the Vertex AI Foundations templates you can set up a ML project on GCP in a matter of minutes, allowing you to have ML in production in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Adopt MLOps best practices: MLOps is the key to a successful ML project. Our templates will help you set up ML pipelines, CI/CD, artifact and model versioning, model monitoring and more.
  • Focus on the model: the central piece of any ML project is the actual model. Focus on experimenting, developing and improving your models, our Vertex AI Foundations will take care of the rest.

For who is this accelerator?

  • For ML Engineers who want to accelerate their work on any Vertex AI related project
  • For customers who want to leverage the power of their data through machine learning

Devoteam G Cloud’s solution will enable us to deliver a greatly improved personalised experience to all of our users, and tackle more complex use-cases such as ads recommendations and content recommendations… Koen Landsheere – IT Manager at the Royal Belgian Football Association

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How can you benefit from the Vertex AI accelerator?

Check out how you can get the most out of the Vertex AI Foundations:

Full infrastructure setup

Setting up a GCP project with the correct infrastructure for machine learning can be a cumbersome task. The Vertex AI Foundations provide an infrastructure template for a complete setup including a development, acceptance and production environment. . Generate code in just a few minutes and start working in your new environment right away. Be confident with the fact that you are working in a secure, private environment.

Keep complete ownership of your data

The Vertex AI Foundations are set up in your own GCP environment. This means that all data you use, models you build and applications you create are completely private and owned by your organization. Be comfortable in the fact that you have complete control of the setup. No recurring licence costs or hidden fees. You are in complete control.

Vertex AI Pipelines

Machine learning pipelines are the centerpiece of any proper ML project. Set up your first pipeline using the Vertex AI Foundations pipeline template: our accelerator will take care of CI/CD, IAM and artifact storage. All there is left is to customize it with your own pipeline steps.

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