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Taming the Log Storm: A Centralised Logging Solution for Reitan Convenience

Come and see how Reitan's centralised logging system is developing day by day, and how it enables it's experts to make high-level data-driven decisions.

Reitan Convenience Sweden’s Journey to Google Cloud

In Short


Reitan Convenience Sweden, managing over 50 projects on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), faced a common challenge: information overload.


Devoteam G Cloud partnered with Reitan to implement a centralised logging platform using Google Cloud Operations Suite. This powerful solution acts as a central nervous system for Reitan’s GCP environment.


Continuous work to automate tasks and develop functionalities like daily summaries and advanced alerts. This centralised logging platform serves as a springboard for implementing advanced Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices.

About Reitan Convenience Sweden

Reitan AS, formerly Reitangruppen, is a Norwegian family-owned business group in retail, property management and capital management, which engages in franchising. In Sweden, the Reitan Group owns the brands Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven and PBX through the company Reitan Convenience Sweden AB. Devoteam and Reitan Convenience have a long history together, spiced up with lots of successfully implemented projects since Reitan moved to GCP. 

The Challenge

Continuous growth requires extra attention and awareness. Professionals of Reitan with over 50 projects generating logs and metrics, they struggled to identify and address errors quickly and to resolve incidents efficiently. They needed a centralised system, which can be the eye of Reitan’s experts, in the sea of signals and messages.

Ábel Szabó

The Solution

Ábel Szabó, a Devoteam G Cloud expert implemented a centralised logging platform using Google Cloud Operations Suite:

  • Centralised logging platform
    Collects logs from all of the projects in one place, enabling efficient analysis.
  • Filtering and alerting
    With customised alerts it’s easier to find the source of the errors.
  • Incident management
    A system was established for handling incidents, communication through different communication channels, and delegation.

So, what benefits does the platform provide?

  • Improved visibility
    The centralised system provides a clear overview of application issues.
  • Faster incident detection
    Issues are now identified and addressed promptly, minimising downtime and potential damage.
  • Enhanced incident response
    A structured approach streamlines incident handling and resolution.

Current Stage and the Future

“What am I doing right now? I usually say I’m automating myself out of the process!”- Ábel says. He is continuously automating tasks and developing further functionalities like daily summaries and even more sophisticated alerts. Now that the “eye” is able to see, he is also eager to step to the next level. This solution was just a significant building block towards a platform that can empower SRE practices. This will boost Reitan’s DevOps team to leverage advanced techniques like error budgeting, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and ensure a consistently high level of service for their users.

Way to automatization

Ready to tame your own log storm? Contact Devoteam G Cloud today and see how we can help you implement a centralised logging solution for your business.