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Unleash the Power of Unified Data: A Journey with Reitan Convenience

Does your company have a problem with scattered data? Then come and see how we help Reitan to make the best solution for centralising their data!

Reitan Convenience Sweden’s Journey to Google Cloud

In Short


Reitan Convenience Sweden faced challenges with scattered data across their vast network. This made it difficult to analyse sales, transactions, and optimise inventory.


Devoteam G Cloud helps to build a centralised data platform leveraging Google Cloud services. This platform acts as a single source of truth, providing valuable insights for Reitan’s head office, franchise owners, and customers.


This data-driven approach allows Reitan to improve campaign performance, optimise inventory, personalise customer experiences, and potentially unlock future revenue streams through data monetization.

About Reitan Convenience Sweden

Reitan Convenience Sweden owns the brands Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven and PBX through the company Reitan Convenience Sweden AB. They have been a Google Workspace customer of Devoteam G Cloud since 2011.

The Challenge

As time went on, so did Reitan’s system grow. In its vast network of franchise stores and their systems it was inevitable that data silos would not arise over time. Valuable information about sales, customer behaviour, and inventory was scattered across various systems, making their utilisation difficult. Data centralisation was needed.

The Solution

That was the point when Devoteam G Cloud’s expert in Solution Architect joined the Reitan team to help build a centralised data warehouse.

  • Google Cloud Environment
    Reitan uses GCP for a long time, so the team had a guideline to use Google products for the development process too: Big Query, Cloud Endpoints, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Pub Sub and Firestore/Firebase. 
  • Centralised Data Warehouse
    Collects data from the stakeholders and the transactional data into one place, thereby making them more easily accessible.
  • API Platform
    This ensures a single entry point, a secure gateway for data and avoids the creation of new silos.

Benefits for Everyone

The unified data platform holds valuable information for everyone in the great Reitan data cycle.

  • Reitan Headoffice
    Can analyse sales trends, campaign performance, identify profitable products, and optimise inventory management for franchise stores.
  • Franchise Owners
    Gain insights into shopping behaviour and optimise their stores based on local demographics and sales patterns.
  • Customers
    Enjoy a more personalised shopping experience through targeted promotions and loyalty programs (data is anonymized for customer privacy).

The Story Continues

The true potential of the unified data platform lies in its ability to unlock a new revenue stream – data monetization. Reitan’s anonymized sales data, with insights into consumer behaviour, could be valuable for suppliers and delivery platforms, enabling them to target their offerings more effectively.

This story is a testament to the power of a well-designed data strategy. While the data monetization aspect is still under development, the foundation laid by the help of Devoteam is already a success story, positioned for a future driven by data-driven insights. 

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Unlock the Power of Your Data:  See how Devoteam G Cloud can help you centralise your data and unlock its potential for deeper insights and future revenue streams.