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bunq’s Gen AI Hackathon

bunq's Gen AI Hackathon - Two days of bringing Tech & Business experts together to build AI use cases on the Google Cloud Platform.

bunq is a pioneering AI-powered digital bank, serving over 10 million customers across Europe. With a decade of experience, bunq is committed to delivering advanced financial solutions.

bunq’s Gen AI Hackathon

Gen AI Hackathon

bunq partnered with Devoteam to conduct a hackathon focused on generative AI. This collaborative event brought together technical and business experts, providing them with hands-on experience building AI use cases on the Google Cloud Platform.

Two days of innovation

The hackathon followed an intensive, two-day format, encouraging rapid innovation and collaboration. Teams of technical and business professionals tackled real-world challenges, exploring ways to leverage generative AI to improve efficiency, personalisation, and customer satisfaction. Devoteam facilitated access to Google’s Gemini language model, streamlining the development process and enabling participants to focus on creative problem-solving.

It is great to have a reliable partner like Devoteam!

Why your business needs a Hackathon:

  • Tech team skills boost: Learn Google AI tools, Generative AI models, and industry standards.
  • Business-tech teamwork: Collaborate with business users on real use cases.
  • Discover new AI uses: Diverse teams find creative ways to use AI for business value, with quick evaluation of feasibility and impact.

How Devoteam helps you:

  • Cloud setup: Devoteam pre-configures Google Cloud projects with permissions, network, and services.
  • Tech training: Pre-hackathon sessions with tech participants on Generative AI tools, technologies, and common use cases.
  • Business prep: Guidance of business stakeholders on using Generative AI (applications, relevant use cases, and aligning goals with solutions)
  • Hackathon support: Code samples and on-site engineers from Devoteam.

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