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Pupuk Indonesia Successfully Streamlines Data Extraction Process Time 

Google Cloud

Devoteam plays a  role in this project as the collaborative partner, the developer of the specialised document cleaning and layout management systems, and the architect who leveraged the capabilities of Google Cloud Platform to deliver a transformative solution for Pupuk Indonesia.

The Challenge

PT. Pupuk Indonesia have numerous documents that contain a variety of unrelated design elements such as watermarks, irrelevant images, and other distracting features. Laying out and organising the content of these types of documents can be a significant challenge, as there is currently no optical character recognition (OCR) technology available that can efficiently and accurately arrange the layout of these complex materials. The lack of an effective OCR solution makes it difficult to quickly and neatly structure the content of these documents in a clear and coherent manner. 

This presents an obstacle for organisations and individuals who need to process and make use of the information contained within these visually cluttered documents in a streamlined and productive way. Developing more advanced OCR capabilities that can handle documents with diverse and unrelated design elements would be highly beneficial for improving the workflow and productivity when working with these types of complex materials.

The Solution

To solve the problem of Scannable PDF data extraction, Devoteam uses Vision AI and Gemini to get the information needed by Pupuk Indonesia, related to employee profile data. Each document will be read by Vision AI which will later be transformed by the system built by Devoteam to adjust the layout of the document. While Gemini acts as a NER to get employee profile data. In the implementation stage, challenges related to data with too many decorations and watermarks caused a decrease in Vision AI performance.

In addition to the document cleanup functionality, Devoteam also created a comprehensive layout management system. This system utilises X and Y coordinate data in document images to automatically organise content in a clear and coherent manner. By basing layouts on the actual spatial information of the document, rather than relying on predictive machine learning models, the resulting layouts are highly accurate and do not require extensive training or fine-tuning. This simplified approach ensures that documents can be organised quickly and efficiently, making the information they contain easy to access and use.

The collaborative efforts between Devoteam and Pupuk Indonesia, leveraging the power of Google Cloud Platform, have resulted in a powerful solution to overcome the challenges associated with processing complex documents that are burdened by unwanted design elements and layout issues. This innovative system not only improves speed, but also accuracy and efficiency in document validation that is impacted in increasing productivity.

The Result

The collaborative efforts between Devoteam and Pupuk Indonesia, leveraging the power of Google Cloud Platform, have yielded remarkable results in streamlining the organisation’s document processing workflows. The Pupuk Indonesia team has successfully implemented the custom document cleaning and layout management system developed by Devoteam, leading to significant improvements in productivity and cost savings.

Prior to the implementation of the new system, the process of extracting data from documents was a highly labour-intensive and time-consuming task. It would typically take the Pupuk Indonesia team 5 to 10 minutes to collect the necessary information from a single document. However, with the new automated system in place, this data extraction process has been reduced to a mere 40 to 70 seconds per document – a staggering improvement in efficiency. The Google Cloud Platform infrastructure provided the scalability and processing power needed to handle the high volumes of documents efficiently.

Furthermore, the new system has also led to substantial cost savings for Pupuk Indonesia. Previously, the document extraction workflow required the involvement of multiple personnel to manually process the information. Now, with the automated system handling the majority of the work, only a single person is needed to validate the results and address any unfamiliarities that the system may flag. This reduction in human resource requirements has resulted in significant cost savings for the organisation, allowing them to reallocate those resources to other critical business initiatives.

The successful implementation of Devoteam custom document cleaning and layout management solution, powered by Google Cloud Platform, has been a transformative experience for Pupuk Indonesia. By streamlining their document processing workflows, the organisation has been able to enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and ultimately improve the overall efficiency of their data-driven decision-making processes. This strategic partnership with Devoteam and the utilisation of Google Cloud Platform have positioned Pupuk Indonesia as a leader in leveraging innovative technology to optimise their operations and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

“Collaborating with Devoteam in the Adoption of Google Cloud Technology, especially AI technology, has helped significantly in accelerating and streamlining Administrative, Repetitive, and High Volume Services at PT Pupuk Indonesia, especially in the HR function.”

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