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Cloud worries vanish as Moonen Packaging implements Managed Services for their Google Cloud environment

This article dives into the journey of Moonen Packaging, a true pioneer in the world of sustainable packaging. Discover how managed services for their Google Cloud environment brought them peace of mind. And how that helped their IT department on creating additional business value.

About the Customer: Pioneers in Sustainable Packaging

Moonen Packaging, a packaging specialist with over 65 years of experience, is on a mission to make the industry more sustainable. They’re not just about talk; they lead in the Lean & Green program, aiming for a 55% greenhouse gas reduction. Certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC Storage and Distribution, and the coveted EcoVadis Platinum rating prove their commitment.

In short: Moonen Packaging doesn’t just sell eco-friendly packaging products; they embody sustainability. From office to factory, every move is an eco-conscious stride, shaping a cleaner future for us all. They’re not just packaging; they’re a sustainable movement in action.

The Challenge: Navigating Cloud Chaos

The daily management of Moonen Packaging’s Google Cloud environment was causing some headaches. They lacked internal resources, making it challenging to respond fast to occasional outages that disrupted their operations. 

As they continued to expand, managing their cloud infrastructure became increasingly important. Moonen Packaging needed a solution that could provide consistent and reliable cloud management, allowing them to focus on their core mission of sustainable packaging innovation.

Partnering with Devoteam G Cloud has been a game-changer for our IT department. From strategy to execution, Devoteam’s team demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our needs.

The Goal: A managed Google Cloud environment

Moonen Packaging’s goal was simple: efficient management of their cloud environment. They aimed to eliminate outages and handle them faster with minimal downtime. 

Their vision? A Google Cloud environment that operates flawlessly, powered by a partner who ensures its performance. By entrusting the management of their Google Cloud to experts, Moonen Packaging aimed to free up time and resources. This would allow them to concentrate their energy on advancing their IT innovations that impact the business. 

The Solution: Devoteam G Cloud’s managed services

Devoteam G Cloud seamlessly introduced Moonen Packaging to their Managed Services for Google Cloud, a tailored solution that perfectly fit their needs. The Managed Services team at Devoteam G Cloud oversees Moonen Packaging’s GCP environment.

The solution consists of setting up a monitoring system. This system, including a dashboard, provides the managed services team and Moonen Packaging with clear insights into their cloud’s performance and health. Think of metrics like Compute Engine Network bps in and out, Compute engine Disk Read/Write IOPS, VPN Tunnel throughput in and out etc. 

Moonen Packaging also receives a monthly report that covers incident management, including SLA adherence and incident statistics, customer satisfaction, problem investigation with pending log analysis, change requests, service requests, event statistics from LogicMonitor, and improvement opportunities for the future. 

The result

Devoteam’s managed services team swiftly addressed any arising issues. Data flow jobs that were failing? Efficiently managed. Website hiccups? Addressed in no time. It’s a partnership that strengthened Moonen Packaging’s cloud operations, letting the IT team focus on their core challenges.

Knowing that their cloud was in expert hands, they traded in potential sleepless nights for peace of mind. And to top it off: the team is always up to date with a monthly live dashboard, giving them detailed insights into their Google Cloud’s performance. 

Devoteam’s expertise has transformed our IT operations, allowing us to maximize the power of Google Cloud while keeping our focus on our core business. They provide continuous monitoring and support, optimizing our infrastructure for peak performance. Thanks to Devoteam, we now operate with enhanced agility, security, and cost-efficiency.

Do you want peace of mind, just like Moonen packaging?

Managed Services helped Moonen Packaging find peace of mind. With Devoteam G Cloud at their side, they’ve not only saved time, money, and resources but also paved the way for a more efficient IT department.