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How Bambuser optimized their BigQuery costs

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Video commerce innovator Bambuser partnered with Devoteam G Cloud to streamline their BigQuery data warehouse costs and ensure scalable, cost-efficient growth. The collaboration yielded a remarkable 50-70% savings in BigQuery expenditure. Bambuser further benefited from expert Google Cloud cost optimization strategies and successful BI Engine implementation, positioning them for continued expansion.

Bambuser – a video commerce pioneer

The company Bambuser is a pioneer in the world of live video commerce. Their innovative platform helps brands and retailers connect with audiences in real-time, offering the streaming technology, the hosting app, the back-office, the data and the web applications necessary to go live. They are committed to pushing the boundaries of e-commerce by making videos both interactive and shoppable.

The Challenge

As Bambuser’s influence grew, they needed to ensure their infrastructure scaled efficiently. Their in-house team possessed optimization skills but sought a partner to maximize the cost-efficiency of their BigQuery data warehouse. This is where Devoteam came into the picture.

The Solution

Our experts worked closely with Bambuser to gain a deeper understanding of their BigQuery usage and implement targeted cost-saving strategies. This partnership was about:

  • Analysing Usage: Identifying areas within BigQuery where efficiency could be improved and costs could be reduced.
  • Implementing Data Monitoring: Providing real-time insights into BigQuery usage with a customised Looker Studio dashboard.
  • Optimising Clustering and Partitioning: Enhancing query performance and reducing costs through refined data organisation techniques.
  • Deploying BI Engine: Strategically accelerating specific queries and lowering costs using Google Cloud’s BI Engine.
  • Exploring Further Optimizations: Investigating additional cost-saving opportunities across Bambuser’s Google Cloud infrastructure.

The Results

The collaboration between Bambuser and Devoteam G Cloud was a resounding success resulting in:

  • Massive BigQuery Cost Reduction: Bambuser achieved a remarkable 50-70% decrease in BigQuery spending.
  • Scalability: The optimised BigQuery setup positions Bambuser to continue its impressive growth without unnecessary cost burdens.
  • Data-Driven Empowerment: Bambuser now has the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions about their cloud spending moving forward.

In Short

Bambuser wanted to streamline BigQuery costs to enable sustainable growth within their live video commerce operations. Devoteam G Cloud provided the expertise to reduce costs significantly, optimise their data organisation and empower the company with data-driven insights for the future.

Partnering with Devoteam G Cloud wasn’t just about reducing costs, it was about gaining a strategic ally who understands our business and our ambitions in the cloud.

Are you ready to optimise your cloud infrastructure?