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How Bruxelles Formation introduced a new Lumapps intranet for its 630 employees spread over 11 locations

Lumapps brought targeting and personalised content to 630 employees spread over 11 locations, as well as a more fresh, modern look and feel.

About the customer

Bruxelles Formation is the public French-language professional training service in Brussels. Its role is to enable job seekers and workers to become qualified, improve their skills or change their profession.

Thanks to a team of 630 employees spread over 11 training centres, 1 Cité des métiers dedicated to counselling, information and guidance, and support services for training centre activities, Bruxelles Formation is part of a process of continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

The Problem / Challenge

The main challenges shared by the client were to increase communication of the strategic vision and decisions as well as consultation monitoring indicators. They also recognised a lack of connection with the field. 

Prior to the new intranet deployment project, Bruxelles Formation had a complex content management system in place and was looking to simplify it in order to ensure a more seamless experience. Furthermore, the organization was already going through several changes notably with the introduction of new Microsoft tools. With Lumapps, they preferred to have a soft approach to the project and were reluctant to introduce some features such as the communities and the mobile application, choosing to ease in the change more progressively.

The Goal 

They envision their Intranet, called Magellan, as a space for meeting and sharing all BF news, themes, projects and training….The intranet is set to become ‘the first point of entrance’ for all employees, an integral part of their day-to-day.  The portal from which they can access all relevant information as well as the entire catalogue of tools from the company’s ecosystem.

The main purpose of the intranet is to manage the flow of internal information in order to improve the connection between users and to strengthen the sense of belonging.

It has successfully enabled us to connect on a higher level. We used to have difficulties getting people to engage with the old intranet and use it as a main page. The main challenge was to establish Magellan as an integral part of the employee’s day to day.

The Solution

Lumapps was the chosen tool. This multifaceted solution enables transversal communication, allows knowledge sharing and reduces non-targeted information. The solution personalizes the employee experience, provides access to track analytics and ensures the right information reaches the right audience at the right time. 

The Methodology

For this deployment project, we have used a very user-centric approach, it was vital to put the user at the forefront of the project in order to determine and anticipate their needs and requirements through a series of workshops. 

The main goal was to gather as much information as possible in order to have an in-depth understanding of the goal and vision for the intranet. Following that we were able to build user stories and map them to the different Lumapps features. 

As Bruxelles Formation previously had an intranet, it was important to make a clear distinction between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ intranet to avoid confusion and emphasize Lumapps added value. Although they chose to keep the same name, they stressed the need for a complete revamp by establishing a new branding and unique visual identity. This was done with a strong focus on the Design phase, and a communication plan in order to promote the intranet to the internal audience. 

The second phase was more hands-on as we started configuring and implementing all those findings to set up the platform. We also had to align with the project team and adapt timing and focus according to internal changes that were taking place at the time, such as the deployment of Sharepoint.

In parallel, we have established a Change management strategy, with a view on boosting adoption. Two key components of the Change Management strategy were the training of the contributors and the communication plan, whose goal was to generate positive awareness. 

The Result

There has been great feedback since the launch of Magellan in June 2022. Although the platform is relatively new, they have already achieved some great milestones which were supported by a strong communication plan and newsletters, notably a real improvement in terms of reach, and interaction. The new site has over 83.2% active users. The main recurring positive comments were in reference to the ability to personalize and target content to a specific audience, as well as a more fresh, modern look and feel.

A remarkable result was the top two publications: “The staff party Photos” which had over 438 visitors and 1057 views and the “20th edition of Interns day” with over 618 views and 258 visitors. This highlights that social events news are topics that generate more interest and reach. 

The analytics have considerably increased compared to the old intranet. We have received great feedback in terms of Design and layout. People found it more engaging and liked the more modern look and feel of the site.

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