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How Cellpoint Digital built a modern platform for payment orchestration that supports innovation & future growth

Devoteam partnered with Cellpoint Digital to create a new modern application stack on the Google Cloud Platform with the goal to set turbo on CellPoint Digital’s growth ambitions. The new platform is much more scalable and has the flexibility to adjust to customer's future demands.

About the customer

Cellpoint Digital is among the world’s leading payment orchestration companies and has been a strong player in the aviation industry in particular. Recently, the company ensured an investment of 25$ million, which shall contribute to increasing the global expansion and access to new markets.

The challenge

To accommodate the additional workload on its backend systems, Cellpoint Digital has assessed that it is insufficient to increase the infrastructure size, such as databases and servers. As a result, Cellpoint Digital initiated an application modernisation journey that will give the systems the possibility to scale significantly faster and increase their flexibility.

The solution

Cellpoint Digital has chosen Devoteam as a business partner for the purpose of their application modernisation journey.

“Devoteam has a highly competent team of specialists in this area. Because good skills are always a scarce resource, it was an important point for us. At Cellpoint Digital, we have worked with cloud for many years and therefore we also place a relatively high demand on the partners we work with” says Kjeld Pharao, Head of Technology and Engineering at Cellpoint Digital.

Since the beginning of the collaboration between Cellpoint Digital and Devoteam, the partnership has been “excellent and profitable”, according to Kjeld Pharao, Head of Technology and Engineering at Cellpoint Digital. He describes the ongoing dialogue as more than just a classic dialogue between the customer and supplier.

” We have a quarterly business review, where we have a more extensive dialogue about which areas we can optimise and where we need assistance and guidance to move on. In this context, we are very conscious that we will not be a success if we believe we can solve all problems ourselves. Devoteam is a strong partner who is very good at offering solutions”.

Kjeld Pharao emphasizes that Devoteams ability to challenge Cellpoint Digital, in particular, makes the collaboration unique.

“Devoteam provides us with ongoing sparring and guidance, which allows us to support the innovation that happens in Google Cloud and thereby utilise the technological opportunities in the cloud. Everything that Google Cloud publishes should preferably be integrated into our systems, so we are at the forefront of the development. It has a tremendous value for us and our ambitions, and there is no doubt that we are pleased with the collaboration with Devoteam” he says and continues:

” We would like to develop ourselves with our collaboration partners – both when it comes to good and bad decisions. It requires a certain degree of agility from our partner, as we believe this is the best way to achieve a long-term collaboration. We have already seen this, and I hope this continues.”

If you ask Devoteam, the key to a good collaboration is, in particular, found in the fact that Cellpoint Digital has been interested in establishing a close relationship with the consultant house from the beginning.

There is no doubt that a close relationship benefits value creation. We know the customer, their needs, and their application landscape. This means that we can provide the customer with deeper and better advice based on their situation and needs

Cellpoint Digital now has a modern application infrastructure with the Google Cloud platform that utilizes the newest technology. It will be a part of increasing the speed of innovation and realization of new functionalities and includes new advanced functions such as Machine Learning and AI.

Thomas Thejn and his colleagues of Devoteam are experts in application modernisation, and he does not hide the potential that such an upgrade entails.

” It is a relatively large exercise, where we have to think about the applications differently just as we also have to be able to offer new and different services. It provides an excellent starting point to innovate from” he says.


According to Kjed Pharao, Devoteams insights and adaptability has, in particular, created great value from the beginning – also faster than Cellpoint Digital had expected. However, innovation is not the only parameter that defines success if you ask Cellpoint Digital. The basics have to follow.

It has been incredibly positive to experience how fast Devoteam has been able to understand our basic technology business and the way we have constructed our infrastructure. This has meant that we have been able to start the work of building and look at some of the innovative services quite quickly. Now the focus is not so much on the operation and development of our operation architecture, but more how we, through innovation, can move our infrastructure to the next level.” It is not sufficient to set the bar high and pitch wild ideas; the basics must also be in place. Our core business must run flawless while we develop, which is a difficult delivery. So far, there is not a finger to put on the results.