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How emerging start-up Legacy built a sustainable platform with Google Cloud

Danish emerging start-up Legacy makes it easy, scalable and transparent for companies to document and optimise their climate impact. Devoteam has helped the company build a sustainable platform geared for future growth, using Google Cloud technology.

About the customer

CO2 reduction is at the top of the agenda for many companies. The new green European legislation pack already requires the financial sector to report on the emission settlement from their investments. This affects, among others, real estate investors, pension funds and banks. Before 2023, all major financial companies in the EU must provide revised CO2 accounts.

The correct number for CO2 emission requires data from the direct and indirect emission sources such as energy consumption, waste management and transportation. Legacy makes it easy, scalable and transparent for companies to document and optimise their climate impact. The technical platform that permits this is, however, far from simple.  

We created Legacy to get consumption and CO2 data out of faulty spreadsheets and into a robust programme built on strong models so our customers can ensure revised CO2 accounts, lower emissions and a better return. A task above and beyond typical account programmes.

The Challenge

The development of Legacy’s platform has required many technical capabilities in terms of building a user-friendly front-end, back-end calculations, integrations to customer systems, collection of measurement data, integration to industry data etc.

According to Thomas Thejn, Google Cloud Country Manager at Devoteam, the partnership with Legacy has been exciting and challenging:

With Legacy, we have moved into a very specialised field, which has required the consultants to acquire new specific domain knowledge. We have delivered an almost full-service solution and have therefore been involved in everything from developing the application to ensuring the platform was set up optimally, concerning Legacy’s needs

The Solution

Legacy chose the Google Cloud Platform, as it supports the technical demands and is the most sustainable public cloud platform.

” As we deliver sustainability and CO2 reduction solutions to our customers, choosing a suitable cloud platform is essential. Google’s investments and engagement in sustainability was indeed decisive in determining our supplier” says Magnus Nørbo.

The Google Cloud platform can also help supervise and report the exact CO2 consumption for the complete legacy solution, which is a significant advantage for the start-up’s own CO2 reporting and supervision.

Legacy chose Devoteam as their implementation partner as the digital consultant house can support the start-up with both development capabilities and guidance about solution architecture and design.

We have used Devoteam to acquire some strong competencies for a fast-growing start-up. We gained a new customer segment a year ago – the real estate industry – that introduced a greater amount of data than previous customers. This required an upgrade of our back-end as we faced an increased need to meet multiple demands from the real estate industry. A year later, we stand with a solid solution. The consultants from Devoteam have made a difference from day one. In addition, to relieve our internal developers, they have, in a short time, gained domain-specific knowledge and translated it into valuable code. It is impressive and not at least a huge gain for us as a customer.”

The result

A scalable and future proof platform is the result of the collaboration of Legacy with partner Devoteam. From the beginning, it has been crucial for Legacy to build a solution geared towards the future. It has been a big but necessary investment to ensure that the solution was sufficiently scalable.

The collaboration with Devoteam has been really good. We have built a commercially interesting solution and, at the same time, a setup that creates an actual effect for our customers. The solution is also agnostic so that we can help others and larger organisations. Our setup is now significantly scalable and can make a difference

Today, Legacy approaches 20 real estate companies in Denmark. Legacy has also taken the first big step towards the international market, with England and Germany as the first countries.

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