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How Sensire became Data Driven with Google Cloud & Devoteam G Cloud

Sensire, a large healthcare organisation in Gelderland with 3,700 staff members, sought to improve data management and operations for its in-home care, residential facilities, and 4,700 clients. Their existing infrastructure presented challenges with data consistency and integrating new applications.

About the customer

Sensire is one of the largest healthcare organisations in Gelderland (in the Netherlands). They boast a staff of 3,700 professionals and serve 4,700 clients in-home care while maintaining 17 residential facilities. With a broad footprint in the healthcare sector, Sensire dedicates itself to care quality and operational efficiency across its extensive network.

The Challenges

Sensire faced significant challenges in its journey to become a data-driven organisation. The lack of unified data definitions posed a challenge; varied definitions of what constituted a ‘new client’ across multiple reports resulted in inconsistencies and limited Sensire’s ability to scale and adapt its operations. 

Additionally, the existing infrastructure didn’t support the rapid integration of new applications or modifications to existing reports, which slowed growth and response.

Together with Devoteam G Cloud we created a roadmap to become a data-driven organisation, implementing Looker, Vertex AI and Bigquery.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Sensire partnered with Devoteam to create a comprehensive roadmap revolutionising its data management practices. This collaboration focused on implementing technologies such as BigQuery, Looker, and Vertex AI to streamline data operations and foster a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to care management. 

Devoteam’s data foundation was instrumental in this transformation, enabling Sensire to implement best practices from the outset, significantly reducing the project timeline from an anticipated 12 months to just three months. This implementation allowed Sensire to deliver functional dashboards by the second week of the project, ensuring immediate impact.

Ensuring users have access to precise information, exactly when and where they need it across all applications is our top priority from a business standpoint.

The Result

After implementing a scalable Google Cloud Platform (GCP) architecture, Sensire has witnessed transformative results. This new and robust infrastructure has equipped care professionals and clients with critical insights and predictive capabilities, enhancing decision-making. 

The infrastructure also ensures that information is available at the right time, and tailored to the specific needs of users across various applications. This strategic enhancement has positioned Sensire as a leader in proactive healthcare delivery, setting a new standard for efficiency and client care in the industry.

Through its approach and strategic partnership with Devoteam, Sensire has not only streamlined its operational capabilities but has also reinforced its commitment to delivering exceptional, informed care to every client in its network.

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