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Rémy Cointreau is partnering with Devoteam to manage their Google Cloud Data Platform.

Google Cloud

Remy Cointreau: Cloud Powers Customer Experience

Rémy Cointreau successfully built a Google Cloud Data Platform to support their ambitions delivering superior customer experiences, optimization of their distribution network and boost their agility and responsiveness. To strengthen their daily operations, they trust Devoteam as their Cloud Managed Services provider. 

The context

Rémy Cointreau is a family-owned French spirits group whose origins go back to 1724 with the ambition to become the world leader in exceptional spirits. Thus, they are deploying an end-client-centric culture establishing direct and personalised relationships through human, media and digital investments to enhance brand appeal. To do this, they built a Google Cloud Data Platform aggregating internal and external data.

The challenge

Rémy Cointreau faced the complex task of managing a lot of data integration activities as well as managing a lot more data flows. They were seeking a partner to provide continuous configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of their data infrastructure with the capabilities of implementing a number of evolution activities like recurring updates, adding new features into the platform.

The solution

Devoteam, in collaboration with Rémy Cointreau, suggested offloading all those above-mentioned tasks to its Google Cloud Managed Services team based in Poland. In nearly 8 weeks, we set up our run activities providing infrastructure management, security & compliance activities, 24/7 incident management and resolution minimising downtime, mitigating business impact, and restoring normal operations as quickly as possible. Then we provide a tailored professional services catalogue to deliver evolution activities like implementing new functionalities, data integrations or FinOps activities. 

“We’re working more and more on added-value activities for our business thanks to Devoteam”

Key results and benefits

Over the past 8 months, our Google Cloud Managed Services delivered a 98% service performance and supported 100+ data integrations. At the same time, we successfully offloaded Rémy Cointreau teams by taking over various service requests such as data quality tests, tables freshness or data observability toolchain creation and evolution.

What is the future of the project?

Rémy Cointreau remains unwavering in its dedication to delivering superior customer experiences through its digital capabilities as well as improving operational efficiency of its finance, human resources or distribution departments. Rémy Cointreau and Devoteam will work together to strengthen their API-first strategy exploring new functionalities of Google Cloud Application Integration use cases and deep diving into Google Cloud AI and machine learning products. 

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