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How Springer Nature improved video call experience for its employees using Google Meet Hardware Kits

The implementation of Google Hardware Kits improved user experience and resulted in an additional cost-benefit.

About the customer

Springer Nature advances discovery by publishing robust and insightful research, supporting the development of new areas of knowledge, making ideas and information accessible around the world, and leading the way on open access.

Key to this is their ability to provide the best possible service to the whole research community:

  • helping authors to share their discoveries
  • enabling researchers to find, access and understand the work of others
  • supporting librarians and institutions with innovations in technology and data
  • providing quality publishing support to societies
  • Taking the lead on key issues that matter to funders and policymakers

The Problem / Challenge

After the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and with their workers returning to the office, Springer Nature was faced with a need to upgrade their video conference rooms. This allows them to provide video calls to anywhere in the world without the need for everyone to be physically present, increasing attendance and speed of participation in the meeting. To the rescue came the Google Meet kit for video conferencing.

The Goal

Springer Nature has been a customer of Devoteam G Cloud for a while. As they get ready for a hybrid working environment, they want to equip their meeting rooms with Google Meet Hardware Kits. The project involves about 150 meeting rooms.

The fully-featured video conferencing technology in the new Google Meet hardware kits enabled us to quickly upgrade our meeting room VC capabilities. Making the hybrid meeting experience as smooth and intuitive as possible was a critically important part of adapting to new ways of working post-pandemic.

The Solution

After analysing the various hardware options available for the Google Meet kit, Springer Nature selected Logitech as the brand to work with.
During a visit to one of Google’s offices, Springer Nature had the opportunity to meet one of the brand’s representatives, who helped in the process of making 3 units available for testing.

If you are using Google Meet for video conferencing and you are looking to improve the hybrid meeting experience, then definitely take a look at the current Google Meet hardware kit offerings. They are are a lot easier to procure, install and support than traditional VC systems – and offer much improved scalability. Engage with an experienced Google partner to assist you through the process.

These test kits were used in the London and Berlin offices. This testing process took place over a few weeks. The test weeks ran successfully and ended with positive feedback from management.

The Result

Since May 2022, Springer Nature has purchased a total of 33 Logitech Google Meet hardware kits. These kits have been distributed across its offices in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, and the USA. The installation of the video conferencing hardware provided better video call performance for the company and its employees.

With a policy of working in hybrid mode, the implementation, and improvement of conditions for video call results in a cost benefit for the company. Workers, and partners, can easily and quickly join a meeting with one click. With Logitech Google Meet hardware the company is able to ensure that even those joining at a distance have the best virtual experience. With this solution, the costs associated with travel and time are reduced since the Google Meet Hardware Kit allows anyone to meet from anywhere in the world. Google Meet Hardware is super intuitive, convenient to install, and easy to use from the user’s perspective.

Devoteam have been fully engaged, helpful and quick to respond to any queries throughout the process of our evaluation and deployment of Google Meet hardware. Their industry experience, technical knowledge and relationship with Google was invaluable in helping us to identify and deploy new high-quality, cost-effective VC solutions.

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