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Devoteam’s role in this partnership was critical in helping Majoo navigate the complexities of modernizing their application and data analysis processes. By collaborating closely with Devoteam, Majoo aims to simplify their operations, increase efficiency and provide a seamless experience to their customers. The integration of advanced technologies and cloud solutions, facilitated by Devoteam’s expertise, will enable Majoo to remain competitive in the market and drive innovation in their industry.

The Challenge

Majoo has thrown down the gauntlet to Devoteam to help them on their consulting journey, with a focus on cloud spend optimization through application modernization. With the goal of leveraging existing applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), such as BigQuery for data analysis and Google Compute Engine N2 powered by 3th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (Ice Lake) to run mission-critical applications, Majoo sought Devoteam’s expertise to drive their initiative forward. The partnership with Devoteam is seen as an important step for Majoo to enhance their services and meet the growing needs of their expanding business.

Devoteam tasked with guiding them through the implementation process, Majoo demonstrated a proactive approach to overcoming their business challenges and embracing digital transformation. Through this collaboration, Majoo not only gets access to cutting-edge technology but also leverages Devoteam’s wealth of experience in cloud services and application modernization.

The challenge posed by Majoo to Devoteam underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in driving business growth and innovation. By leveraging Devoteam’s technical acumen and industry knowledge, Majoo is poised to unlock new opportunities, enhance its operational capabilities, and achieve sustained success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The Solution

Devoteam, as Majoo’s strategic partner, offers comprehensive solutions to address the challenges and requirements outlined by Indonesian software-as-a-service startups. Leveraging their expertise in application modernization, data analytics, and AI/ML, Devoteam aims to empower Majoo to optimize cloud spend and improve their overall business operations. The proposed solution includes the implementation of various Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products such as Anthos, Cloud Run, BigQuery, and Vertex AI to effectively meet Majoo’s specific needs and objectives.

By implementing a cloud-first architecture for the Majoo solution, Devoteam aims to strengthen Majoo’s cloud footprint and expand its portfolio with advanced technologies available on GCP. By designing and implementing Majoo Group’s enterprise architecture, analyzing existing architectural gaps, implementing the Cloud Native Application Framework, and providing guidance on Google Marketplace Onboarding, Devoteam is committed to driving innovation and efficiency in Majoo’s operations.

Additionally, the scope of Devoteam’s involvement includes creating migration plans for specific services, conducting proof-of-concept activities for new technologies on GCP, and offering consulting on the migration process. By working closely with Majoo’s engineering team and aligning with their business and technical needs, Devoteam ensured a smooth transition to a modern cloud environment that improved scalability, security, and performance.

Through a tailored approach to application modernization and cloud optimization, Devoteam aims to empower Majoo to achieve their business goals and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The Result

This project ran for 3 months, The project involved migrating various applications and services to GCP, including core monolith applications such as Mayang and microservices such as Accounting, Santan, Cockpit, and COGS.

Devoteam succeeded in increasing the reliability of the Majoo application in the Majoo POS (point of sale) section and making the application no downtime, then the application (Majoo Platform), can also handle transactions from all kinds of tenants.

This project was successfully completed by Devoteam to drive value and innovation for the Majoo entrepreneurial ecosystem.Additionally, the strategic alignment between Majoo and Devoteam signals a shared commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. By entrusting Devoteam.

I have come to appreciate the remarkable journey we’ve undertaken over the past 2-3 quarters. The invaluable support from Google and Devoteam has facilitated the seamless migration of our services. Leveraging the Google Cloud Platform, we can now establish environments that are more flexible, effective, and efficient. Moreover, the plethora of services available allows us to enhance product development, operations, and monitoring capabilities.

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